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  1. APR Presents Dub Deliverance Track Daze!
  2. Go for low with H&R. 10% off all H&R Springs, at AWE Tuning.
  3. Apr flash v10
  4. APR Presents the APR Valve Spring System!
  5. VF-Engineering VF750 supercharged R8 Spyder
  6. Which Twin Turbo Kit Do You Prefer? Heffner/UGR/AMS?
  7. Bay Area Tuners?
  8. v10 plus remap?
  9. APR Presents Waterfest 20! July 19th and 20th!
  10. GMG Spring Question for '12 V10 Spyder
  11. APR Summer Sale - June 30th to August 3rd!
  12. 2014 Audi R8 V8 4.2L Spyder - APR ECU Mapping
  13. Rear tow hook for R8
  14. R8 V10 after market air filters
  15. APR R8 Stage III+ Supercharger System now R-Tronic Compatible!
  16. First time on the strip today! 11.63sec :)
  17. Is there a simple way for the exhaust valve to stay open in the "louder" setting?
  18. Catless pipes
  19. Apr tune
  20. Coilover for Under. Special pricing on Bilstein, H&R, and KONI coilovers.
  21. Proto Type - R8 V8 & V10 Intake
  22. Stasis exhaust for v8.
  23. APR Southern Worthersee 2013 - On-Site Sale & Free Installs - May 17-18
  24. who makes an air shock for the R8
  25. Who builds motors for the R8
  26. Steering Ratio (V8/V10/GT)
  27. So Cal performance Tuning.
  28. Make the Switch to APR from Stasis and Save 50%!
  29. GIAC Tuning on 2012 without removing ECU?
  30. Lamborghini Gallardo ECU tune/map in an R8
  31. Front Camera
  32. APR Spring Sale - April 7th to May 4th!
  33. Pirelli World Challenge Race Series
  34. APR Presents the R8 4.2L FSI V8 Stage III+ TVS1740 Supercharger System!
  35. S-tronic Software upgrade and R-tronic Sale
  36. Milltek exhaust
  37. V8 4.2 Straight Pipe Questions
  38. Looking for clutch - prefer a stocker that's "new" and been replaced
  39. Armytrix F1 Titanium Exhaust
  40. Twin Turbo R8 V10 build
  41. Underground Racing lp570 2R at tx2k
  42. Underground Racing Drags GTRs at Tx2k
  43. Stassi is gone? What's happening with the Stasis Warranty?
  44. Super fast shifting R-tronic V10
  45. exhaust ?
  46. Newbie with a Few General ECU Tuning Questions for the Group
  47. Heffner Twin Turbo on the S-tronic V10
  48. High Beam Assist
  49. Engine build
  50. Wrong category, delete pls,
  51. Does anybody make tubular headers for the V8 R8 ?
  52. GMG Racing Audi R8 Roll Bar NOW TAKING ORDERS
  53. New Ice silver spyder owner
  54. R8 4.2 UK owners
  55. GMG Racing/JRZ Suspension Audi R8 RS Pro Coilovers NOW AVAILABLE
  56. GMG Racing Audi R8 Bump & Toe Steer Kit NOW AVAILABLE
  57. For the next two weeks, 10% off all Bilstein Coilovers from AWE Tuning.
  58. How to reduce understeering on track
  59. cooling system pressure?
  60. 2014 R8 V10 Plus 11.180ET
  61. APR vs GIAC with custom exhaust
  62. Urgent Help needed please !!!
  63. DIY Installation of Lowering Springs??
  64. Dads R8 went 10.945 @ 131.77mph today!
  65. Idling Rpm is inconsitent ( hunting )
  66. Can i use 5w - 60 OWS oil ?
  67. 2014 R8 V10 Plus Mods
  68. anyone using KW height adjustable sleeve kit?
  69. Minor issue with Capristo valve settings
  70. Filter Confusion
  71. My TCU upgrade video....
  72. Order of Modifications
  73. Proud new owner of '14 R8 V10
  74. German Motoring end of the year sale
  75. steering wheel vibration !!!!!
  76. APR is pleased to present our holiday season Stage III Raffle!
  77. Holiday Pricing at AWE Tuning is officially underway!
  78. Carbon Fiber front driveshaft? Maybe decent weight savings?
  79. Is the 2014 Plus w/ DCT ready for 1500whp yet?
  80. Does anyone have any 0-60 times for the 800 whp turbo kits from AMS, Heffner, or UGR?
  81. APR Winter Sale - November 29th to January 4th!
  82. Winter driving experience for 2012 V8 R8 AWD
  83. R-tronic in neutral by lifting both shifting paddles
  84. Realistically speaking...
  85. REVO: Winter Sale!
  86. Alignment after GMG springs. Audi dealer only or elsewhere ok?
  87. \ VF720 R8 V10 Supercharger Catalog: Download yours today /
  88. New Carbonio Dryflow filters installed
  89. Tuning V10 Plus
  90. Dyno testing - Pipercross filters - volunteers?
  91. APR Stage I ECU Upgrade - R8 Tuners?
  92. Exhaust mod
  93. Pipercross or other dry filters??
  94. TSM Twin Turbo R8 Headed For Nevada
  95. Carbon Fiber body parts for weight savings?
  96. Pretty fun video - Took the S8 to the drag strip.
  97. Here we go! German Motoring ECU/TCU
  98. Anybody dyno their V10 before and after BMC intake and filter install?
  99. Kevlar clutches for R8 and Lambos
  100. How fast is your V10?
  101. Any options to add harness belts without adding roll bars?
  102. Stasis , Heffner or Sprintbooster
  103. R8 V10 UniTronic ECU Upgrade + Warranty Issues (TD1) ?
  104. Is $30K+ for a turbo worth it to you guys
  105. 1st time Drag Racing the R8
  106. What's the clutch life expectancy with the R & S-Tronic
  107. Why doesn't Audi pay for the RTronic fix
  108. German Motoring (or any) TCU update - warranty risk?
  109. Audi R8 V8 Cold Start - Quicksilver Exhaust
  110. Paddle extensions/replacements that offer the longest travel
  111. Anyone with 20-inch wheels & GMG Springs?
  112. R8 GT Exhaust System
  113. We Have One KW H.A.S. Lowering System for all R8's in Stock Ready to go!
  114. APR Fall Sale - September 27th to November 3rd!
  115. APR BBQ and Customer Appreciation Day - Oct 19th, 2013.
  116. larini exhaust
  117. APR Performance splitter - Wish I remembered ordering this...
  118. Coilovers for lower, at AWE Tuning.
  119. Will a twin turbo kit pass MA or CA emissions?
  120. Stasis rear sway bar
  121. P3Cars Digital Vent Gauge?
  122. PRS - Twin Turbo kit
  123. PP-Performance Tune
  124. Why are my dyno numbers so low?
  125. APR Presents H2Oi --- Sep 28-29 --- Sale & Free Installs --- *Exhaust Too!
  126. Went to the Drag Strip
  127. whats the Normal Oil temp reading
  128. Toluene
  129. Should I "flash" my new 2014 R8 V10
  130. Throwout bearing oil leakage
  131. Door Spears
  132. V10 Plus S-Tronic Air Filters
  133. Stasis Big Brakes
  134. ALPHA 10 Twin turbo system for the Audi R8 V10 - VIDEO 1st -4th on the dyno!!!
  135. 60-130 and 1/4 mile times
  136. Carbon Ceramic Brake Conversion weight loss
  137. Another Twin Turbo V10 R8 In Process at TSM
  138. Advice to anyone wants customed ECU Programmed.
  139. R-Tronic upgrade from Viezu Northamerica
  140. expensive?
  141. Audi-OEM TCU upgrade
  142. BMC Carbon racing filters in stock - Forum pricing - v8 and v10
  143. Official Release: TSM Bi-Turbo R8 & Lamborghini System
  144. R8 Brake Discs
  145. intake
  146. R-tronic vs S-tronic
  147. Part number for front wavy disks
  148. Camber Variability
  149. Bilstein Coilovers, 10% off until July 21st at AWE Tuning
  150. S-Tronic Supercharging
  151. MRC Tuning doing a SINGLE turbo GT45 based R8 4.2 V8 turbo kit
  152. K&N filter installed without airBox cover
  153. APR Presents Waterfest 19 - July 20th and 21st!
  154. APR Summer Sale - June 22nd through August 4th!
  155. Engine knock
  156. R8 Valve Opening Procedure
  157. Audi Canada and ECU/TCU tune position
  158. PP-performance 620Hp
  159. R8 V10 Custom Exhaust?
  160. 620BhP OK-Chiptuning ECU+TCU mod
  161. What kind of tuning is on the Audi R8 V8 4.2?
  162. Strange day on the Dyno
  163. S-tronic
  164. APR is please to present Wuste 2013 - Friday May 31st to Saturday June 1st
  165. Sprint Booster vs PedalBox
  166. Your experience with PES and delivery times?
  167. catalyst
  168. Akrapovic with remote with K&N filters
  169. Sprint Booster on red
  170. Chip/software detection by Audi?
  171. How many horses are enough
  172. Need Exhaust ASAP! Ship to Hamburg overnight
  173. APR Southern Worthersee 2013 On-Site Sale, BBQ and Free Installs Including Exhausts!
  174. MTM ECU flash before break in period?
  175. German Motoring TCU upgrade!
  176. 2014 r8 ecu providers?
  177. URGENT!!! 2014 v10 plus needs ECU MTM or NOT?
  178. lowering with H&R springs
  179. Grill
  180. Just hardwired my Escort 8500 X50 (pics)
  181. RWD audi r8 V8, How?
  182. A first hand look at STaSIS vs Audi warranty
  183. want to Ask about Unironic ecu
  184. V10 remap
  185. Going lower on Coilovers, at AWE Tuning.
  186. Very excited to be getting my car back so fast. These guys are very good.
  187. BMC Filters - Cleaning Kit?
  188. Remove Cats after Capristo exhaust
  189. Exhaust tone lower after K&N air filter installed
  190. V8 Stasis Supercharger Installation - How long should it take...?
  191. It's possible install Gallardo Cat by Pass Pipes in Audi R8 V10 Headers?
  192. Apr supercharger
  193. Performance Race Solutions - Custom Twin Turbo R8
  194. Ecu tunIng advice needed
  195. Tts performance twin supercharged video
  196. Installed Escort 9500ci
  197. ECU Chip tuners for 2014 r8?
  198. Fabspeed R8 Exhaust systems
  199. R-tronic TCU upgrade
  200. APR's Spring into Power Sale! March 25th - April 28th
  201. Stasis S/C V10 whp #'s
  202. ABT-Audi r8 year 2012 model, 5.2 V10.
  203. Turbo v supercharger european car review
  204. Sell R8 for a new track toy?
  205. Nice video
  206. Supercharger vs Twin turbo installation issues
  207. TT 5.2 R8. Why aren't there more of these?
  208. GIAC Tune for R8 V10 2011
  209. Manual Stick Short Shifter options
  210. Engine Eye Candy: ALPHA Performance Audi R8 V10 Twin turbo kit
  211. Ceramic BrakeDiscs with Pads on Normal R8 did anyone tried on ?
  212. front spoiler options?
  213. Need of Decatted Exhaust manifold pipes for R8V8
  214. APR 91 vs 93 at the dragstrip
  215. Adjusting Gas & Brake pedal height
  216. Carbon Fiber luggage area
  217. H&R Springs. Dropping. One week only.
  218. APR Presents the World Premiere of the Eaton TVS1740 Supercharger
  219. How many people actually track the R8?
  220. Mods for 2014 V10 ? Backwards compatible?
  221. Going Lower on Bilstein
  222. traded in my Heffner TT R8 for a Mclaren MP4
  223. Exhaust manifold for performance Audi R8 V8 4.2 by TS
  224. Have the Tubi Rumore on my V8. What next?
  225. Heffner TT V8
  226. 4 point belts for 09 R8...suggestions?
  227. EPL | Get your R8 prepped for the next Track Season!
  228. Because everyone loves race cars (R8 Grand-AM Video Content)!
  229. H&R Coilovers. Lower, for lower. For one week only.
  230. Capristo V10 cheapest place to buy???
  231. Changing an R-Tronic to S-Tronic
  232. APR 24 hour sale live now!
  233. APR Motorsport Narrowly Misses GT Class Victory in Thrilling Finish at Daytona
  234. Big Stopping. Free Shipping.
  235. Apr supercharger
  236. R8 MRC Tuning x R8 V10 Stasis Supercharged
  237. Transform your R8, with G.I.A.C. Software and AWE Tuning performance components.
  238. Stasis SC transformation begins
  239. Tuning
  240. Remap
  241. The 2013 APR Motorsport R8 Grand-AM Liveries are Here!
  242. R8 GT Fuel Tank
  243. Let Bilstein keep your R8 on track, from AWE Tuning.
  244. GMG Front and Rear Bumpsteer Kits.
  245. The APR R8 V8 Supercharger System is coming along nicely....
  246. New twin supercharger conversion
  247. Help with sprint booster
  248. Stasis S/C, UGR or Heffner?
  249. Original, new, R8 GT four point seating harness on ebay 251207272626
  250. Any issues with the cats when going fi?