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  1. Dyno Seattle WA
  2. Pacific German
  3. BMC Filters installed - getting codes thrown
  4. Can anyone verify this??
  5. Supercharged 1/4 mile times?
  6. VF Engineering - Winter Thaw Out Sale
  7. UPD TCU Calibration Sale R-Tronic , S-Tronic Gen 1 and Gen 2
  8. How much do performance mods help or hurt resell??
  9. Underground Racing Twin Turbo R8 headed to New Jersey **pics**
  10. Gen 1 F1 Fog Light Kit - Special Offer
  11. V10 remap where to go??!
  12. The good ol' Supercharger vs. Twin Turbo debate ... (VIDEO Content)
  13. Group buy on Ried Air Intake tubes?
  14. PunjabiM3's 2012 R8 V10 Build Thread
  15. ECU Tune for '15 Competition
  16. ECU Program or not
  17. REP Twin Turbo R8 V10 Spitting Flames on Dyno
  18. 2011 V10 exhaust upgrade
  19. R8 RWD Conversion
  20. Mikewads 2014 V10 plus S-tronic build at CFI Designs
  21. Has anyone tried the Boostane octane booster?
  22. Power Limit of 5.2 / R-Tronic
  23. Fusion Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  24. Coilovers R8 V10
  25. any provider/tuner offering a more direct/aggressive steering ratio on Gen1
  26. TCU Flash Loader Sale $799
  27. Best starting point for UGR stg 1? ('10+ 6mt, '14+ s-tronic)
  28. 2011 R8 v8 6 speed recommended upgrades?
  29. TTS Performance twin supercharged R8 V8.
  30. FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | 12 Days of Christmas Special
  31. Tunerwerks ECU flash for 2009 R8 V10
  32. Wheelwell Louvers - Lift
  33. Forced Induction Crankcase Ventilation
  34. Cover Story - VF800 Supercharger (Gen2) Audi R8 V10
  35. Underground Racing Lamborghini/R8 V10 CNC Billet Block
  36. New V8 Build...CFI Designs
  37. Sway Bar for 2014V10
  38. 2014 V10 Spyder Gated, AMS Automotorsports ECU Flash Tune Calibration and Dyno
  39. Any vendor offering ECU tune remote on r8V8 in black friday sale, PM me
  40. Black Friday Special | Fabspeed Motorsport
  41. Custom Air Filter - Loving it!
  42. Black Friday Sale - Big Discounts + Free Shipping On All Orders | TAG Motorsports
  43. Larini Exhaust / Formula Dynamics - Cyber Holiday Sale Announcement!
  44. Larini / Capristo Exhaust R8 V10
  45. How do I disble the auto on the rear spoiler deployment?
  46. Springs
  47. Question about Fuel Trims.
  48. R8 Weight Loss details
  49. Water/Methanol Injection install on the R8
  50. DIY V10 Always Open Exhaust Valves with PICS!
  51. How to fit bigger front tires
  52. 1320 video of the Underground Racing R8 at TI
  53. Brake pads road/track
  54. Texas Invitational King of the Streets *Video by Underground Racing.
  55. Octane Booster - Good stuff or waste of time
  56. 2017 R8 V10+ in for tuning and Eurowise cold air intakes (dyno results)
  57. R8 - Better Track Performance (GT3)
  58. S Tronic Transmission use with a non Audi engine?
  59. Is the throttle opening restricted on the V10?
  60. VMAX limiter
  61. R8 Paddle extensions..
  62. TT v8 r8 w/ LMS Carbon body
  63. Reperformance TT R8
  64. BIG kudos to VF Engineering’s Hex ECU Tune
  65. Eurowise V10 performance intake and exhaust dyno results!
  66. ADVICE PLEASE ! APR re-map Feb 2015 V10 Plus 548bhp
  67. V8 Twin Turbo system for customer in Malaysia
  68. R8 V10 Manual ECU remap concerns...
  69. Shardul TCU review
  70. Wasting no time! // Akrapovic X HRE X NeidFaktor X TAG Motorsports
  71. OK, not an R8 but still the same DNA - Car finally completed
  72. Underground Racing Audi R8 1/4 ET World Record 2017 R8! *Video*
  73. Some pics from R8 TT install in ATX
  74. Exhaust installation cost and recommendation in the Austin, TX area
  75. Eurowise V8 R8 Cold air intakes make POWER!
  76. Shift lights
  77. Adjustable rear sway bar end links - Any interest
  78. TCU Tuning
  79. GoPro steering wheel mount ideas?
  80. DP 1/2 mile video
  81. Exhaust valves
  82. How much power the stock components can take?
  83. Centrifugal Supercharger!?
  84. Underground Racing Twin Turbo 2017 R8 Plus 1/4 mile * Teaser Video*
  85. RWD Conversion Done
  86. Another Underground Racing Twin Turbo R8 headed to the UAE
  87. Another Underground Racing Twin Turbo DCT R8 headed home.
  88. VelocityAP Audi R8 V8 & V10 Performance ECU Tuning Software Development
  89. VF Engineering - VF750 Supercharger FAQ Master Thread
  90. ECU tune 2011 v10
  91. Dyno in WI
  92. Gallardo Intake Manifold
  93. Fireworks and Fun Sale - R-trnoic and S-tronic
  94. Air intake for supercharged 4.2?
  95. Thanks Yahoo NEWS!
  96. APR 93 Tune
  97. World's First Gen 2 Twin Turbo 2017 Audi R8 by Underground Racing
  98. Clutch Needed for Twin Turbo V10 R-tronic
  99. Al Pettee's R8 V10 Build
  100. R8 GT front camber shims
  101. Summer Sale - Larini Exhaust !
  102. R8 GT fast road/ race track wheel alignment values
  103. The Conclusive Performance Thread for R8 V10
  104. 2012 V10 ECU tune which one to get???
  105. Dropped my car off at Euro Tech Motorsports today for my VF750 install!!
  106. Issues Dyno'ing My Supercharged R8
  107. Mounting Milltek - Tips & tricks needed
  108. I'm having Twins at CFI Designs
  109. R - Tronic to S - Tronic gearbox conversion
  110. Kline Innovation Audi R8 V8 (pre facelift) Inconel Exhaust
  111. 2015 r8 v8 s tronic mods
  112. Here is The Info on R8 V8 & V10 from Audi
  113. front lift
  114. Forbes Magazine and Autoweek review the ALPHA 10 Twin Turbo Kit for the R8 V10
  115. Canwe fix R8 V10 OilCooler to R8V8
  116. Minimal Gains from Upgraded Intake and Exhaust with Stock Tune?
  117. ESS supercharger glamour shots.
  118. VelocityAP Vendor Introduction
  119. Lowering Springs Installation Cost
  120. To anyone using an OBDI reader with either OBDI doctor or Dashcommander App
  121. Shardul and UPD - My impressions of TCU tune
  122. Threaded suspension install with some pics
  123. Tips for R8 V10 Exhaust Installation
  124. Fluctuating idle Rpm?
  125. Real TCU Remap Facts and coming back on board.
  126. Question reg size of V10 OilCoolers & Radiators
  127. Gen 2 VF800 / VF8xx
  128. Supersprint Exhaust Installed on V8
  129. EAS exhaust Houston 2014 V10
  130. Review of CFI Designs Twin Turbo V10 Kit A+++++++
  131. Racing Harness Installed
  132. R8 Bucket seats
  133. R8 FSI V10 AMS Performance Calibration
  134. REVO Serial Port Switch (SPS)?
  135. AT to 6MT conversion
  136. First R8 GT in the world to run on Syvecs By REP
  137. BC Racing coilover system
  138. custom exhaust
  139. ATTN: FI guys have you done 60-130mph VBOX test? Here is my result.
  140. Eurowise Resonated & Non-resonated Exhaust System for 4.2/5.2 Audi R8
  141. K&N Air Filter ruined the sensor?
  142. What's coming for the Underground Racing Twin Turbo 2017 R8 **VIDEO**
  143. More Power from VF Supercharger?
  144. UGR Audi R8 vs Acura Integra at TX2K16
  145. Saw where the UR Huracan went 8.55 in the 1/4
  146. Finally dynoed my supercharged v10 (comparison chart inside)
  147. another tcu calibration alternative for v10 r tronic
  148. RSC Tuning - R8V10 Super Sport Exhaust SPECIAL!!!
  149. Another Underground Racing Twin Turbo R8 headed to TEXAS **pics**
  150. Here comes another one!
  151. Nitrous kits?
  152. Reid Air Intake is Awesome
  153. Harry's Lap Timer
  154. Speedriven Audi R8 10.181 Warmup Run (w/ Video)
  155. What spark plugs for supercharged V10?
  156. V8 Performance Upgrades?
  157. SpeeDriven R8TT X-treme Edition 2100HP
  158. 2014 DCT Audi R8 Plus Twin Turbo headed to Dallas Texas. **PICS**
  159. Speedriven Twin-turbo V10 9.7 sec. Run (w/ Video)
  160. Speedriven Stage 1 TT PKG - 9.7 Sec. 1/4 Mile (new record?)
  161. V10 Twin Turbo kit just finished in Australi
  162. Using atomized water to cool either intake charge or radiator cooling capacity
  163. Any interest V8 Twin Turbo kits
  164. Another satisfied customer. VF750 Supercharger
  165. Ayrton Senna
  166. Rev matching
  167. Installed P3 Vent Gauge
  168. Dialing in the Sequential Trans. (R8 V10 TT)
  169. Allen from Missouri TT v10
  170. K & N Air Filter? 2014 R8 V10 5.2L automatic
  171. Performance tcu calibration now available
  172. I'm supercharging my V10 with ESS Tuning!!!
  173. Eurowise R8 V8 Twin Turbo kit now available!
  174. Feeler TCU Remap Group buy
  175. wheres the extra hp for 2014-15 from?
  176. mapping a 09 v10, who?
  177. where to get a block sleeved?
  178. 2014 V10 Plus S-Tronic
  179. R8 v10 H&R springs
  180. ECS Tuning 2-piece wave rotors?
  181. R8 v10 mtm ecu capristo x pipe exhaust
  182. Full engine tune and build?
  183. ECU and Warranty
  184. R8 V8 Twin Supercharger kit UK
  185. 2011 r8 v10 Spyder ecu exhaust bmc filter results.
  186. 2011 Audi R8 v10 5.2 Tcu tune
  187. Sebastian's Underground Racing TT Audi R8 goes 235 mph in the 1/2 mile! *VIDEO*
  188. little cousin of the r8
  189. Sent my V10 to UGR TODAY!
  190. Pulled the Trigger on VF Engineering 750 Supercharger
  191. Eurowise Build: Twin Turbo R8
  192. Water/Methanol Injection to increase power on the R8
  193. which should i do first? exhaust vs ecu
  194. I would like to make the R8 a little faster acceleration wise ...
  195. BMC Filters for the V10 Plus
  196. sprint booster power converter is universal?
  197. Fabspeed Motorsport - Black Friday & Cyber Monday DEALS!
  198. AWE Tuning Holiday Special Pricing starts... NOW. Unlock horsepower for less.
  199. APR Finland R8 5.0 Twin Turbo time attack build, the R8 1:1
  200. Catalytic Converter for R8 V10
  201. Portable Twin Post Lift for Home - Great Garage Upgrade
  202. Another Underground Racing TT R8 headed to California.
  203. Front air lift system
  204. Coilovers or no coil over ? 4" lift or 7"
  205. My V10 got ECU flashed by Eurocharged(Very impressive gains!)
  206. Exhuast question.
  207. Wiring help needed for valve tronic exhaust
  208. Wiring loom question
  209. 1320 Video!! R8 is the King of the Streets!
  210. Underground Racing R8 WINS Texas Invitational’s “King of the Street” the 6th time!
  211. ECU Tuning Services in the Chicago Area
  212. Audi R8 LMS Wing - OEM - Unique Opportunity!
  213. APR Presents the H2O International Sale! SEP 28 - OCT 9
  214. Lowering Question
  215. V10 kit for customer in chicago
  216. VF supercharger
  217. Used R8 V10 engine block available - ideal for project work!
  218. Titan Motorsports installs VF Engineering Supercharger Kit on Audi R8 V10
  219. John's Underground Racing Twin Turbo R8 **PICTURES**
  220. 2014 V10 6MT - Torro Exhaust Review
  221. How about this AUDI engine hidden in a Lambo. ;) **VIDEO**
  222. Flashing 2014 V10 Plus?
  223. How Many Left
  224. My TwinTurbo V10 R8 build is finished.....I mean just beginning.....
  225. S***'s Getting Real Over Here!
  226. Pedalbox causing esp fault?
  227. Searched and got a lot of conflicting answers. ECU? TCU? Please help
  228. R8 Testing Brakes at MSR Cression
  229. New Trans. Going into TT R8
  230. Coding for ceramic brakes
  231. Interesting Intake
  232. performance wheel R8 and RS6
  233. Another Twin-turbo R8 V10 Coming Together
  234. Show your Supercharger engine power on paper !
  235. V10 Twin Turbo Build in Progress
  236. ESS Supercharged v10 ... Amazing
  237. Alcon/Stasis Brake Replacement
  238. Audi Club Racer Looking To Increase Club Size
  239. Audi Club Racer Looking To Increase Club Size
  240. R8 V10 Plus GMG exhaust install
  241. New Mods fitted UK V8
  242. Secondary Cat Delete/bypass Pipe
  243. V8 TT kits
  244. Michelin Pilot Super Sports a bit loud?
  245. APR & BFGoodrich Owner’s Corral and SEMA Raffle at Waterfest 21!
  246. Lowering Springs: Who's better and why?
  247. Beware TTR8's Underground Racing Twin Turbo X-Version Huracán. **VIDEO**
  248. Apr
  249. << Torro Exhaust: New R8XX Exhaust for V10, V10+, R8 GT (Dynos + Videos) >>
  250. Speedriven is Moving!