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Okay cool. You should be able to get a pretty good early v10 if that’s your budget.

There was actually another forum member looking at the one you’ve described! Wonder if he’s snapped it up or the ad’s expired lol!

Check this thread : Does this look right?

I know one of our forum members Colin has his spyder for sale. He’s been an active member for a while so you know his car will be well looked after. Already had some desired changes done to it too!

He’s got it listed at £47k but if you don’t mind a Spyder, you could potentially negotiate.

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Yes, that was the car. Looks like it may have been purchased already.

Unfortunately I'm discounting Spyders at the moment as I prefer the coupe shape. The Spyder arguably looks better with the roof down but I'm hoping to get use out of this car all year round and we don't get much dry weather in Wales!

Thanks for your help, hopefully something will come up that fits the bill. No rush!