Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

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Thread: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

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    Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    Hello. First post to this forum; strongly considering getting a late model R8 in the next few months. I test drove a 2016 (2015?) R8 coupe last December but ended up choosing a new MB S550 coupe instead. I only ended up putting 3,500 miles on it in a year and can stand to eat the depreciation on a car I'm not driving, so now I'm exiting the S550 and want to get an R8.

    I'd prefer a convertible and I remember fitting just fine in the coupe R8 when I test drove it, but there is no way short of a 6+ hour drive for me to sit in a convertible R8, much less test drive it and see if it fits, because I live in the middle of nowhere - that R8s are sold with regularity anyway.

    I didn't fit in a Huracan coupe recently when I test drove that (before I moved -- I miss the big city!). Never got to test an R8 (new or old model) nor a Gallardo or Huracan convertible as they were not in stock even in the big city.

    Other than that nuance I plan to get some snow tires and drive it in the winter; I'm sure it's a goat based on what I've read and seen online. I won't be putting big miles on it but I'll be driving it year round.

    I had another question as well -- is there a place where I can see the mechanical improvements year to year? Given that I'm considering a used model, I'm struggling to justify why I'd buy a (say for example) 2011 vs a 2014 or something, if it's mechanically the same or 90% the same. The repair cost is likely similar but the depreciation much less. I'm sure there is knowledge buried in posts here and there but not sure if some generous soul has compiled it out on the web or on this board.


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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    I have to say it really depends on your leg length. For example, I'm only 6'-1" with 32" legs and I cannot fit nearly as comfortably in a spyder as I do in my coupe - with left over seat back reach available. I suppose to drive the car a few miles, say an hour or so, I could handle it, but for 3 hours or more, or a spirited drive, I'd back off of trying. Just my 2¢ ...
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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    I believe the Spyder has a bit less room when compared to the Coupe. If you're serious about buying, unfortunately there's only one real test - you need to go get in one and try it out. As mentioned above, leg vs. torso length will have a lot to do with comfort over simple height. I'm about 6'4" and fit alright in the Coupe, but I honestly don't know where I'd put the extra 4" if I had it up top (torso) - however, I have a few more inches of leg room (seat can go back a bit more).

    On a side note, I'd also make sure there's a dealer around you that can service it. I spent some time living in upstate NY, so I know how sparse some of the areas can be on civilization (no less high-end products and services). Not all Audi dealers have R8 trained technicians (supposedly), so if you're really out there, even your local Audi dealer may not be able to help you with regular service or repairs.
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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    When I bought my second R8 I considered a Spyder, quickly decided not to because of legroom after a test drive. I'm only 6'1" but could not comfortably use the clutch, the Spyder cabin is smaller to make room for top storage. If I had wanted a auto I would have been ok in a Spyder since no need to worry about clutch. But at 6'8" I think you will have issues even in a auto
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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    One of my colleagues is 6'8" and has extensively driven the coupe and spyder. He was happier in the coupe with a bit more space but says he wouldn't be unhappy in a spyder.

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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    I'm 6' 2" with a spyder. Apparently the coupe adds an extra 2" of leg room. This was definitely something I considered during my buying process. After test driving the spyder I couldn't imagine owning an R8 without feeling that open air rush. Being as you have some height on me, I'd try to get in a spyder and gauge where your comfort level is.
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    Re: Any very tall people on here? I'm 6'8" - will I fit in a convertible?

    I agree with KyleBo in that the Spyder looks REALLY nice with the top up, and absolutely dropdead gorgeous with the top down. And to drive with wind blowing all around you, and engine right behind your's amazing. But it's definitely tighter than I'd want.

    I'm still gonna move the deadpedal 4" further down to make a LOT more foot room (

    My biggest gripe about the Spyder is it IS indeed a bit tighter on the inside, especially when it comes to seat travel. I WISH I could get just an additional few inches of seat travel and/or reclinability. And it woulda been perfect. But overall, its still worthwhile. But then again, I'm 6 foot. I'm 8" shorter than you...
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