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Thread: Audi R8 Frame Crack / LITIGATION

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    Junior Member uknown124's Avatar
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    Nov 2017

    Re: Audi R8 Frame Crack / LITIGATION

    Quote Originally Posted by Hat Trick View Post
    Aside from R8 ownership, do you have a vested affiliation with AUDI HQ ?

    Further, is it not the point of the forum to share ideas, lament on any problems and discuss potential remedies ?

    The Audi Structural Repair Manual you reference, unfortunately does not disclose the cost to cure. Roughly a $40,000 repair if done by the book, only to be done by an Authorized Audi Repair Facility. Isn't that right ?

    Most, if not all insurance companies, will not pay on this claim and simply total the vehicle and I don't see an individual owner ponying up this amount of $$$ to make the car right.

    So what are we left with ? Looking for opportunities to fix the car within the realm of safety and fair cost on a Forum dedicated to the R8 ?

    I don't recall anyone calling themselves an EXPERT in these threads. They've merely shared ideas and discussions they've had with others concerned.

    Here's the reality. Audi knew of the problem or the susceptibility of the frame cracking and took corrective action to fix it with reinforced bracing in late 2010 models.

    Was it not incumbent on Audi to inform owners of this problem and offer a solution or at the very least any options available, regardless if there were any deaths or reported failures ?

    Therein lies the rub and potential moral hazard R8 owners are struggling with who have suffered either financial loss or loss of use with their affected R8.

    Flame away....
    Hi. I'm a lawyer. I guess that makes me an expert on certain things It actually was incumbent on Audi to inform owners of this problem and offer a solution (repair or replacement with a suitable equivalent). The frame cracking itself is a failure. If it wasn't a failure....why bother getting it repaired? Just keep driving on it, right?
    Not only was it incumbent on them to warn their customers, repair and replace.... It's The Law.

    Can anyone think of a reason why Audi wouldn't inform their customers of this potentially dangerous problem if, by law, they had to repair or replace (even outside of the manufacturers warranty)? Here's a totally wild idea, they didn't want to spend the money to repair or replace! And if you got killed because you didn't know there was a crack in your frame, HEY WHO CARES! They are making that $$$$$ right?

    Imagine you are driving on the highway with a cracked frame and you are going 70 MPH and the frame zippers all the way up and fails, you lose control of the car you crash. You're dead. You hit someone else's car. That driver is dead, their child in the backseat is dead. Hey who cares right? The Executives are making that $$$$$$$$$$. Huh? Is this seriously your position? I don't want to hurl insults. But seriously rethink your position Mr. desperado. Also, the law that is in effect right now (at least in Georgia) disagrees with you.

    The fact is a frame should not crack during normal use. The frame isn't a "maintenance" item. You don't replace it, or do anything to maintain it. It should last for the life of the vehicle under forseeable usage conditions, i.e., driving on public roads and highways. The fact is the design of the passenger side strut tower is defective. There is a reason the driver side strut tower doesn't suffer this same failure. It's because the windshield wiper motor is installed via a beam which intersects the driver side strut tower, reinforcing it. There is no similar reinforcement on the passenger side and thus, the forces exerted on that frame intersection causes the frame to crack open, because it wasn't properly designed. I.e., design defect.

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    Re: Audi R8 Frame Crack / LITIGATION

    Interesting perspective. How about championing our cause and taking on Audi?
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    Well I disagree on the frame should last forever. Everything corrodes and breaks down over time. If I follow the lawyers logic I have a case against Chevy for my rusty frame crack on my 1965 Impala.

    Also, I’ve personally seen the drivers side cracked.
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    Senior Member mngolfer's Avatar
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    Desparado has as much experience with the frame crack and solutions as anyone. He has personal knowledge on welding the frame on LMS and V8 cars. He owns multiple R8s and been a moderator on the forum for eleven years. He knows R8s literally inside out and he is generous in sharing his knowledge. He has personal and business relationships with R8 expert mechanics and Audisport leaders. To be rude to him or question his knowledge is ignorant.
    Audi AG is a business. We all own or work at a middle to high level in for profit companies. I don't knowingly make products that will injure people. I hope none of us on the forum does either. If anyone thinks the manufacturer of our great cars would knowingly injure us litigate.
    I have owned my '09 V8, there were no V10s in the early years, since day one. Would I appreciate it if Audi would advise us on a solution to adding the brackets? Yes, just for peace of mind. Maybe they will read our posts and contact each individual owner of an early VIN number with a solution. Maybe not.
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