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Ill say it once and I'll say it again. If a Pedophile wants to step up his game, this is the perfect car for that. At least for a few more years.
Hahahaha. That's how I sometimes feel about the GT350 as well. I only had the R8 in my possession for a week, and it's been at the dealer since then so I can't say I know how too many people react to it yet, but the few people that did react were older women, and kids. The GT350 tends to get dudes and kids.

I have to say, regardless of which I'm driving, though, it's nice to see people light up when they see them and, more importantly, recognize them. To most people the GT350 is "just a Mustang", or the R8 "an exotic", but when they recognize what you're driving and know why it's special it's all sorts of fun to strike up a conversation with them.