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Thread: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    Quote Originally Posted by nav5 View Post
    So how does an aftermarket exhaust come into play here?
    Would most buyers say that adds or subtracts value?

    I think this is the one exception to the 'don't mod it' rule as they really need one to find their voice.
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaso View Post

    I have a v8 spyder in Manual. I’m going to keep the mileage down as much as I can. I don’t intend to make any changes to the engine in terms of turbocharging etc. Not sure about appearance modifications just yet. Any advice or opinions will be great!
    If you start making mods, keep the original parts. That way if you go to sell your car you can put the original parts back to revert the car back in stock form. You will probably get more money by selling the aftermarket parts one-off vs having them be included on the car when sold.
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    This advice is not just worth 2 cents, it's priceless!

    Drive your car as often as you want, just don't abuse it or mod it silly.

    Quote Originally Posted by himself View Post
    As the old saying goes, not driving a car is like not banging your girlfriend so the next guy will find her attractive. Get something you enjoy and enjoy it!

    -td (just my $0.02, but probably worth less)
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    Senior Member GT#298's Avatar
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    Yes on the exhust. Trev is right in saying it's the one mod exception.
    This is not only because of sound, but of significant weight reduction from the rear-most of the car.

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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    +1 on the exhaust. If the new buyer doesn't like the sound, he/she can get an OEM exhaust for almost nothing. People are virtually giving them away. I saw one recently for like 200 bucks...

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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    ppf front nose and consider at least partial hood/fenders
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    Drive the car and keep it good condition.
    My car is a 2011 spyder v10 manual .
    And had a offer of 115K.recently ..IM the original owner and have under 2000 miles.
    So for the guy earlier saying these cars are crashing....yes the junk r8 will crash.
    But the good ones will always get all the money...Cars are not investments.
    Unless you own hyper cars like Paganis ,Bugattis ,Laferrari...etc

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    Senior Member kiryu's Avatar
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    i am sorry to say, r8 is a driver's car it's not really a good collectors for appreciation purposes. Maybe it will be, but you are talking 20 years later or longer. Imagine all the fun you are missing out in 20 years by not driving it! Unless you are one of those that doesnt like to drive, but just like to look at it. Then yes follow everything that Emaazz said and you should be good
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff.R8 View Post
    Like others have mentioned, this is not the car that will appreciate. While this is a notable car, there are plenty out there and they continue to make them.
    Agree definitely about a car is for enjoying first and foremost. But there are possible opportunities for this car - I was just in Audi main dealer today and discussing the cars with someone who clearly knows a lot about it. As Audi have officially stopped putting R&D into R8's, they have all but stopped production in real terms. So the R8 becomes a particular model that was only made for a decade or so, which they said will bolster the residual value.
    The other thing someone told me about recently is that a possible indicator is that you can look at when a car first came out, in what year, and then when those of that generation- who were 20-30 - are now turning 40ish they tend to be interested in buying a dream car from their younger years, and generally in a better position to do so. So over the next decade or so the R8 will be in that zone, while also being an end of an era car for Audi.

    But yeah as someone said here, like with anything in terms of used car market, it's always the most immaculately kept ones that do well, but you have to be honest with yourself, as the cost of maintaining it over the years to that standard might be more than any appreciation in value, so it's never going to be a true profit owning one of these things! Might be possible to break even tho!
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    Re: Advice on keeping value/ appreciation on a v8

    As I said in an earlier post.

    Love the car, keep it, enjoy it, it will become priceless to you.
    Black/Gold 09 V8 Coupe R-Tronic. Black/Gold 05 Race prep'd Yamaha R1.

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