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Thread: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    Looks great! Where did you get the IMSA style rear diffuser from?

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    It's about time i chime in. I am @r8.lms on Instagram and my car was driven without authorization while it was at the shop of CFi Designs in California between November 2018 to March 2019. The only purpose of this post is to tell my experience and my side of the story. Of course there are always 2 side of the stories, so it's always better to refer back to cold hard facts. What I am about to say is only the truth and nothing but the truth. It is not my intention to talk **** or win any battle on the internet, as that will go no where.

    My vehicle was delivered to CFi Designs on October 22nd, 2019 with 24143 km on the odometer. Here is a picture provided by the transport at time of delivery.

    When my car was picked up by the transport on March 21st, 2019 from CFi Designs, the odometer shows 312643km, which is 7121km more than when I dropped it off.

    So what happened in between? I had a friend picked up the car from CFi on October 26th, 2018 evening, attended a car show on October 27th in Corona, and returned the car back to CFi on October 28th, 2018 afternoon. According to GPS tracking, the vehicle was driven for 3xx miles in this period.

    I had Kyle (owner of CFi Designs) drive the car from his shop to Las Vegas to attend the SEMA show. The car left his shop on October 29th, 2018, and came back on November 2nd, 2018. The car was in the show the whole time between October 30th to November 2nd. According to google maps, the distance from CFi to Las Vegas convention center is 237 miles. Round trip will make it 474 miles. The GPS tracking showed the vehicle was driven for 5xx miles in this period.

    The car then attended a photo shoot from November 28th to 29th. Car driven for 2xx miles.
    The car also attended another photo shoot and a car meet from December 9th to 12th. Car was driven for 4xx miles.
    Let's assumed all of the above add up to 2000 miles, which is a huge exaggeration, this still leaves over 3000 miles unaccounted for.

    Aside from the above shows and photoshoots, I did not give any permission for the vehicle to be driven or taken to any other car event or show. CFi did not ask for permission before attending those shows, and definitely did not ask for permission for his buddy to take my car to those shows. My build was not sponsored in any way and there were no obligation for my car to go to shows to promote for CFi.

    On December 18th, 2018, my car was spotted in California where someone was flying down the highway in the middle of the night.

    I immediately questioned CFi about who was driving my car, and that's when he explained about the car being stored in someone's garage and he didn't know his buddy was driving it. I immediately told him NO ONE should be driving my car, and that I will arrange my own storage if needed. Kyle said there's no need and he would retrieve the car the very next day, which according to GPS tracking never happened. CFi never asked for approval, nor did he ever informed me, about my vehicle being driven or stored offsite.

    On December 28th, my car was again spotted and this time kyle claimed it was himself driving this time. My dashcam footage confirmed that was not true.

    The original agreed time frame was for Kyle to work on my car near the end of December. Between the period of December to March, there were no progress at all. Every time I asked he would tell me he was busy working on another car, and would get to mine soon.

    On March 2nd, I questioned Kyle again if someone was driving my car, in which he again promised the car was safe and not driven. All these time I assumed my car was stored at his shop since he told me he would go retrieve it back in December.

    On March 12th, I flew from Canada to California to visit my car, and that was when I had access to my dashcam footage and gps tracking. The finding was horrendous.

    Between November 3rd to March 7th, my dashcam video showed this one male was driving my car on 37 different days. The male was later identified to be Kyle's buddy / customer. All of the dashcam footage shows this male driver operating and abusing the vehicle when the “Check Engine Light” was clearly lit up and flashing on the dash. The driver would park my car inside his garage and basically use my car as if it’s his own car, driving around town, doing errands, driving friends around, etc. In one of the video, heavy white smoke were coming from the engine showing obvious signs of mechanical issues. However no care was given and he just kept driving.

    Here is a video from November 3rd, with the same male driving my vehicle, taking it up to the redline when the dash clearly showed engine oil was low. The vehicle left CFi's shop and returned in 20 minutes. I find it hard to believe the driver took the car without Kyle's permission or knowledge.

    Here is a video from December 16th, with the same male backing my car out of his garage. CEL clearly flashing on the dash. Again dragging my diffuser on the ground as he exited his drive way. Cold start with engine not yet warmed up, I am not sure why he downshifted to keep the rev high as he cruised down the block. Also noticed how his own garage door opener is installed in my vehicle?

    This footage from March 9th shows the car hitting and dragging on the floor while he exited his driveway. Imagine how many times this has happened and how damaged my carbon front splitter and diffuser now are.

    On March 12th, which was the day I arrived in California, Kyle told me my engine was having issue and constantly misfiring. We put a camera in to check the pistons, and here are the findings:

    Here are the relatively good pistons:

    And here are the piston with very obvious damage (The same cylinder that is misfiring):

    So to sum it up, I sent my car down to CFi for some turbo upgrade. 5 months later, nothing was done, except for a few thousand miles added to the odometer, a busted engine, rear tires bald, damaged carbon panels, damaged roof box, damaged driver seat, a battery that doesn't fit, and parts that I paid for but never received (that's a whole story on it's own for a later time).

    And to set the record straight, aside from CFi saying he apologized on public forums and social media, there was never any actual personal apology or action to make things right. The only message I received from him was that it was foolish for me to burn bridges because he has a lot of knowledge on these cars. If he was serious about apologizing, he knows where to reach me. Aside from repairing the damages on the car, he knows where to send the refund for the parts that I paid but he never provided or even ordered. Of course after a whole month, no apology or refund, so we can all assume how sincere he was when he said he apologized. This of course is just my personal experience and feelings. Maybe he was really serious about apologizing but I just couldn't feel it.
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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    Son of a.....
    Bill Winters - 2012 V10|R-Tronic|Cactus green w/ carbon blades|CCB|Forgeline VX3C's & R888's|LPF Twin turbo kit tuned by Eurocharged: 753/531 @ 1/2 bar

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    no words, I am speechless. What a
    The evidences are cristal clear and you gave him enough time and possibilities to fix it. I would hand this over to a laywer and police...
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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    All I can say is wow. How did you find this guy?

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....


    Sad part is this happens more than most know.
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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    Wow, what a ****head.

    And here I admired his work, yet learning of his complete disregard for other people’s property and lack of common business sense, I’m appalled.

    Sadly, there are so many shops like this, and yet they continue to gain customers. *Cough* Titan *cough*

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    OMG!!! I'm speechless. I hope you made a complaint to the states division of consumer affairs!! It's not like you can't prove it or show videos of the unauthorized use and subsequent damage to your car. I am so sorry to see this happened to you brother!

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

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    Re: CFi Designs Twin Turbo on Gen 1 V8 R8 - Built for Track! More to come.....

    Wow, just wow. And yes, I've had similar experiences with previous vehicles, this does happen a lot.

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