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  1. New Website Opinions

    General Discussion
    Please revert to the old format
  2. Experience with R8Stuff - Osman & Alec

    Good group to do business with. Always had a perfect transaction.
  3. Audi R8 Gen2 Canards

    2nd Generation Discussion
    Very interested.
  4. Audi MMI Security Update Letter

    2nd Generation Discussion
    Got one yesterday. No idea on the details of the update.
  5. NO more wind buffeting -- Best $30 and 30 minutes to spend on your R8!!!

    2nd Generation Discussion
    Please! I need these now.
  6. R8 Performance Parts / GT4 / Aero Kits

    2nd Generation Discussion
    Thanks to suppliers like (LD-OEM) and others we might after almost 2 years see the R8 performance parts here. Audi USA either has no clue or simply doesn't care that we have access to performance upgrades for our cars. They could use some schooling by Porsche on taking care of their HP sports...
  7. Audi 1-2 in California 8 hrs

    General Discussion
    Congratulations to Land autosports Audi R8 LMS GT3 on their win, and the WRT Audi R8 LMS GT3 on a second place finish at todays California 8 hour enduro. Audi won its third consecutive IGTC manufactures title with its 1-2 finish at Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca. The Audi R8 LMS GT3 is a...
  8. New LMS R8

    General Discussion
    I wish R8 talk had a site dedicated to Audi Sport Racing. As a long time Porsche owner of many GT3 and GT3RS cars, I always found the Porsche enthusiast sites are full of race reporting and up to date information on its racing efforts. Seems we don't support the same here. Just look at the...
  9. R8 to be discontinued in 2020

    General Discussion
    I agree with James88. Part of the problem is with Audi and Audi Sports lack of a good PR program. R8 owners were looking forward for info on Audi Sport aero parts hinted at 6 months ago, only silence has happened since. Dealers are useless when it comes to performance parts. This is totally the...
  10. REPerformance new workshop

    General Discussion
    Looks good Ricky. Many thanks to you for your support on this forum to all our questions over the years.
  11. Good result for the R8 at Bathurst 24 Hour.

    Picture / Media Posts
    A number of R8's held the lead against a very strong field. Thumbs up Audi on the win.
  12. Sticky Glove Compartment Fix?

    2nd Generation Discussion
    How about some talcum powder
  13. Gen 2 R8 Drive Select Modes

    2nd Generation Discussion
    I am with you Nosferatu,Dynamic and Performance only. I too owned two R8's with MAG ride and wouldn't go back. Love the 17 v10 plus suspension.
  14. Rip ??

    2nd Generation Discussion
    Hmmm the V10 could become a desired collectors item.The last of the NA V10 engines from Audi!
  15. What tires are available for the R8?

    Wheel and Tire Discussion
    What I meant to say in my earlier post. Is anyone using anything wider than 245 up front on a Gen 2 without any rubbing issues?