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  • AL3ayali_Dubai ·
    Hi Sean,
    I have a 2010 R8 v10, i did 75,000miles on my OEM clutch and now its time to replace it. As per my conversation with Dubai Audi dealership service center test driver, he said that its time to change both clutch and flywheel. Im considering purchasing your clutch but i need to know whats included in your clutch stage 4 kit, and if i need to modify any parts to install it. It would be great if you can please provide a breakdown list of parts included in the kit and their price.

    Thank you
    Email: [email protected]
    Justgr8 ·
    Hi Sean,
    I have a supercharged R8 V8 and I am looking for a clutch replacement. Just doing a TCU flash at the moment to increase actuation speed and then expect to need to replace the clutch. We inspected the clutch a few months ago and it was still is good condition. pressure plate was also good. What do you recommend I replace??

    Best email - [email protected]
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