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  • duck boy ·
    Hi, do you still have the side blades for sale and how much are you asking for them? Do you have the taillamps also? Thanks, Rick.
    gakeanh ·
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    Sơn Dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính cuối năm giá rẻ
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    Nam Khóa học kế toán giành cho giám đốc
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    Cư Khóa học kỹ năng lập và phân tích báo cáo tài chính
    Aladdin2929 ·
    Hello Howie ..

    Did you install the R8 v10 Plus non-mag shocks? If you did, how was the ride and what do you recommend?


    jbsapphire ·
    Hi Howie, I'm planning to do a tcu upgrade by German Motoring for my V8 R-tronic, do they have a dealer/agent in Malaysia that can do it?. Any info is much2 appreciated. Thanks
    changcmf ·
    Hi Howie,
    I just noticed your headline looks like the facelifted version. But yours is dotted LED instead of the light strip version. How come?
    changcmf ·
    Hi Howie,
    Thanks for the info. When I talked to them about the lights, they mentioned that the highlight change requires some changes in the bumper. Hence the high price. Is that your case? Did they do anything to yours other than just the lights? thanks

    changcmf ·
    hello Howie,
    I have checked with PA in singapore for the conversion of head and tail lights. They quoted me over 20k SGD.
    It would be really helpful if you can point me to the right person. Thank you!
    R8fire ·

    Just a quick question. Did Audi Singapore do the facelift headlights for you? I was under the impression that Audi Singapore don't install components if you don't buy it from them. Thanks!

    HowieR8 ·
    Hi Kam, I did upgrade my headlights to the facelift version but it was all done for me by an Audi workshop. I don't have the step by step install guide but I can explain the info that was provided.

    The facelift headlights are not plug&play like the facelift taillights. The headlights require new led control modules and running of additional wires so I decided to have an official Audi dealership in Singapore do the complete install.

    The forum vendors here are selling the full kit. Have your Indy workshop install them for you. Good luck.
    Gan657a ·
    hi there did you upgrade to facelift headlights yourself or is your car a 2013+? I have a 2010 model and want to install the front facelift headlights, would you be able to guide me at all in how this is done? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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