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  • dr_ham ·
    Cheers! - just looking at some of your interior pics. Love the shift knob and steering wheel - may I ask if it's possible to still obtain these? Looks amazing. Thanks - Abe
    R Octo ·
    Thank you for your response. I would also choose the monoblock with stock size. I began my quest for wheels with Antonio Small at HRE internal sales in Vista CA. He referred me to the closes merchant to me, Guy Atherton at Wheel Enhancement in LA, who provided me with the quote. I will be deciding within a week or two. Thank you again for your input, I will give Ben's web site a look. Gary
    RS4Cab ·
    I have had no problems with mine, have put HRE's on a couple of my cars and find their forged monoblock wheels to be very strong. Who are you buying from? I have used WheelsBoutique, Ben there is very knowledgeable about our cars as he has had a couple R8's. I wanted to stick with stock size and he uses an offset that gives the wheel a little more of an aggressive look.
    R Octo ·

    Would appreciate your thoughts. I have a 2014 Daytona Gray and am contemplating HRE P104 Satin Charcoal wheels. I have a price quote of $9025, (this includes $720 tax) here in California. Have you had any issues with your wheels?

    R Octo
    neo1z ·
    Hi there, I am checking out your 2009 Supercharged R8 at the dealer you traded it to. I was watching some videos on YouTube and thought it was that car - was that you doing fly bys and such? I just want to be sure before I pick up a car it was cared for and not abused at all. Of course it's an R8, so you had fun, but are there any things a potential buyer should be concerned about?

    Also, does the Supercharger/Exhaust from Stasis retain factory warranty on car? I know Audi and Stasis have a deal (I currently drive an S5, S4 before that), but didn't know if there have been any reliability issues with that stuff on the R8's.

    Thanks for taking the time - been searching for an R8 for a while :)


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