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  • momoz ·
    Hey. How much for the TCU tune for a 2009 v8?

    What are all of the features / specs?
    Does it need to stay plugged into ODBII port?

    AndreOH ·

    Writing from Jakarta and got your email from R8 talk. Have a 2010 R8 V10 with thumping noise from rear left everytime hitting poor road. Was told by local Audi that rear right mag ride is leaking as well as the left right.

    Can you tell me my options ie rebuild, coilovers, or plus absorbers (based on what I read in numerous thread).

    What are ± including ability of dealer or outside shops to properly do the job?

    Thanks and regards,
    thechancellor ·
    Hello Can i have the price for OEM R8 Rear Fog light. My car is 2010 R8 V8. I am upgrading the diffuser and it has a light slot.

    ajsherrill ·
    I installed the BR Racing coilovers. The front went on no problem with no suspension lights coming on. Put the drivers rear on and the suspension light cam on. Changed out the EDC and still light stayed on. Put on passenger rear and light stays on. ESP will not turn off either.

    AJ Sherrill
    drpaul ·

    What would be the cost for a set of canards?

    And will they fit properly using the tape method as I don't want to bolt them on.

    San Antonio
    Copmagnet ·
    I've been speaking with Iggy about Capristo exhaust and he referred me to Erik at capristo in Florida to purchase one from. This would be for a 2017 V10 Plus. Do you have an estimate on installation cost? And do you have a website?
    gakeanh ·
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