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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Audi R8 / Audi TT Steering Wheel Driver Airbag OEM Model Year 2016 and later Part number 4S0-880-201-K-1KT (4S0880201K1KT) $500 - includes shipping to US lower 49 states Removed from Gen 2 Audi R8 V10 VIN# WUAEEAFXXL7900789 12,536 Miles Please make sure that your vehicle is compatible with...
    $400 USD
  2. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Hey all, Been lurking and reading some posts here for a while, trying to glean the right info I need for my project. I have a 2016 A3 E-Tron Sportback and I’m converting it into a camper situation, so I’m planning to remove the passenger seat semi-permanently. I’ve seen about the occupancy...
  3. General Discussion
    All Watched the videos and have not seen my airbag connevtor in any of them. Have the wheel apart and assume the orange tab is a locking tab for the air bag, but no idea how to pull it forward as there is little space with the airbag attached and no place to gran it with pliers. Any...
  4. Buy/Sell Other/Misc
    Selling a new airbag. Fits R8 / TTRS GEN 2 WHEELS. Single stage. Leather stitching. Sold wheel. Make offer!
    $375 USD
  5. For Sale - Parts
    Off a 2017 R8 v10+ 4S0-880-201-H-1KT part number Bag and leather are flawless.
    $850 USD
  6. General Discussion
    Hey guys, if anyone knows a place around the Seattle area to install Air Suspension
  7. General Discussion
    Hi, Looked on the internet and searched this forum but I can't find it. Where are the Crash Sensors? I have a fault on the passenger (left) side. Probably just a loose wire as it's intermittent. Are they under the seats? And under the carpet? 2009 RT V8. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results