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  1. Picture / Media Posts
    Hi all, This is my first R8, and my first time posting on a forum. Here is my 2014 Samoa Orange Metallic V10 base, DCT
  2. 2nd Generation Discussion
    Hello Everyone, Went to the dealer, having a hard time understanding some stuff as a couple of things are not what I expected... by ordering an exclusive colour there is no way I can see renderings. My dealer is saying that only diamond quilted seats are available for 2022? But I want the...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello Everyone! I plan on meeting my sales person next week for a hopeful allocation for an Audi R8. I want to be prepared as much as possible for our first meeting. I have heard Audi Exclusive is open, and I have been going through this like crazy...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am looking through this Audi Exclusive Brochure as I am about to place my 2022 R8 Performance Coupe Quattro order and this A8 caught my eye. Originally, I was going to go for Daytona Gray Pearl, but this Indium Gray Metallic with the Beige and Black leather interior with contrast...
  5. General Discussion Italian WebSite Gives you options available in Audi Exclusive that your USA dealer may not offer you/doesnt know how to/ is not aware of. Hope it helps expand your pursuit of exclusivity. Please feed us back on how it works out. I wish I had known how to...
1-5 of 5 Results