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  1. For Sale - Parts
    Here on sale a carbon steering wheel custom ordered brand new as you can see from pics . I’m asking for Euro 800 plus shipping cost from Italy
  2. Picture / Media Posts
    Hello everybody! My nickname is Bernaut! I live in Europe in Czech Republic and i makecarbonfiber parts for my audi r8 2nd gen! I had just made new youtube channel on English language to show process and information how we do it! Thanks everybody nice to be part of all of you!
  3. Want To Buy - Parts
    Looking to buy these Audi Sport design rear canards and splitters: They are for sale on carbonwurks for $1800, and buying replicas on ebay from china are about $1100 but est. delivery is between June-July(wayyy too long). Anyone in the states happen to have these that I can take off your hands?
  4. Picture / Media Posts
    New Youtube video, also about the (maybe unique) front Carbon splitter on my R8?
  5. Picture / Media Posts
    Maybe you guys would like to watch first video of my Audi R8, more videos are coming..
  6. For Sale - Parts
    Today I have a PPI carbon widebody, I got it with my car and it personally isn't my touch. I plan to switch to the GT3 LMS body instead. I got it mainly in the condition it's in with the car as mentioned, it is FULL carbon every single piece. There is NOTHING you have to do to your OEM parts...
1-6 of 6 Results