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    Sold. Please remove.
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  2. For Sale - Vehicles
    Testing waters here and am in no rush to sell my truly special sc r8 v8 manual. Faster, more reliable and lighter than the v10. I just dumped a lot of money into the car for an event in January. Looking to sell in the next 2 weeks or so, otherwise, I will keep it longer. Open to trades, but...
  3. For Sale - Vehicles
    F/S - 2009 Audi R8 V8 - 6SPD GATED MANUAL Mileage: 56XXX Price: $70K OBO VIN: wuaau34249n000964 Clean carfax available on request I bought this car back in July and have been having a blast with it ever since! I'm not dying to sell it, but I'd like to move into a gen 2 car, and this has...
  4. Want To Buy - Vehicles
    In an ideal world, she will be a Black gated r8 with carbon fiber blade. I would like it to be as oem as possible, no mods, with a clean title. Located in Canada, but I assume I/we can figure out the cross border transaction. Thanks in advanced !!
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    Maybe you guys would like to watch first video of my Audi R8, more videos are coming..
1-5 of 5 Results