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  1. General Discussion
    Question: I'm considering a newer honeycomb style grill for my 2009 Prior Design GT850 Widebody R8... however, I do kind of like my stock painted grill, since it's somewhat unique but I almost feel like it might "date" the car... Here's a Photoshop side-by-side pic to compare. What to you all...
  2. General Discussion
    Note the grills under the headlights. This one has 3 lines going across: Compare to this one, which only has 2: What accounts for the difference?
  3. Performance Modifications
    A noob question, however...Aside from aesthetics/looks, can anyone tell me if those circled, have any importance with the r8’s performance? Toying around with the idea of sticking my number plate to the front left (i know most hate it, so did i, but for some reason im starting to like the idea).
  4. For Sale - Parts
    Looking for a V10 facelift grill for my V8 facelift. Thanks in advance!
1-4 of 4 Results