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gt spoiler
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  1. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Looking to get some input from Gen 1 owners. I'm looking for a GT wing for my car but having a hard time finding one that come with a base plate to avoid drilling into the OEM one. Which one did you guys ended up going with? How's the quality and fitment?
  2. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Would love to get a GT spoiler for my R8, I've been doing my research but would love to hear if anyone has any of these. Alibaba/Aliexpress/eBay Quality seems quite good from what I've read from other members, I'd be willing to give them a try for the price. Looks like all the sellers are just...
  3. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Hey everyone, So I purchased what I believe is a version 1 German Rush CF GT rear spoiler. The issue is that I believe it was designed to not use a GR base plate (which I also have), so I can't find any installation help. It looks like it's designed to go through the factory mesh section of...
1-3 of 3 Results