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  1. Maintenance and Service
    Well, this has got me stumped. Came home the other day, noticed the speedometer needle wasn't illuminated. The tachometer was, and every other light on the dash was fine. Bit of a panic, went away to google it and came back after 10 minutes, turned the ignition on, magic - needle was lit again...
  2. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Hi all, Ordered some red led lights for footwell, but it doesnt seem to fit the housing... can anyone recommened any that they have ordered? And they fit. the eBay listing said it fits an auid r8, the light works but the fitment is wrong. cheers! UK R8 V8 2007 MT
  3. Blog
    Hellow to evryone I have an audi R8 first model, year 2008 My car has original bi-xenon light, I would to make a headlight facelift with full led like the 2014 model: I read many forum on the web and I have a big confusion in my head about what I have to do. The information I have...
1-3 of 3 Results