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  1. For Sale - Vehicles
    Hello good people of R8Talk, I've decided to test the waters and potentially let go of my 2008 R8. It's a great example of the first model year, in the launch color scheme with the oh-so desirable gated manual transmission. Please continue reading to learn more about this particular car. - Buy...
  2. For Sale - Vehicles
    Testing waters here and am in no rush to sell my truly special sc r8 v8 manual. Faster, more reliable and lighter than the v10. I just dumped a lot of money into the car for an event in January. Looking to sell in the next 2 weeks or so, otherwise, I will keep it longer. Open to trades, but...
  3. General Discussion
    I was very privileged to get access to these three amazing cars... The GT Spyder being my own and the manual being the original press car, as seen on Top Gear – among other places. The 2020 RWD being an Audi press car on loan to a fellow YouTuber... Who I was "helping" with his filming 😆 I was...
  4. For Sale - Vehicles
    F/S - 2009 Audi R8 V8 - 6SPD GATED MANUAL Mileage: 56XXX Price: $70K OBO VIN: wuaau34249n000964 Clean carfax available on request I bought this car back in July and have been having a blast with it ever since! I'm not dying to sell it, but I'd like to move into a gen 2 car, and this has...
  5. Want To Buy - Vehicles
    In an ideal world, she will be a Black gated r8 with carbon fiber blade. I would like it to be as oem as possible, no mods, with a clean title. Located in Canada, but I assume I/we can figure out the cross border transaction. Thanks in advanced !!
  6. For Sale - Vehicles
    Looking to purchase a manual R8 V10 coupe in white. If you have one for sale or know anyone who is selling, please message me. Thanks!
  7. General Discussion
    Hey everyone! I just purchased my life long dream car, a 2009 white R8 with a gated manual. This thing is in impeccable shape all around. No cracking of the leather in the interior, no scratches on the body. Only has 22k miles on the car. Couldn't be more excited for the journey with this car...
  8. For Sale - Vehicles
    Hello everyone! It's a sad day! I am selling my 2014 V10 Manual R8 with 16000 miles on the clock. This is a UK car. Here's the link on Piston Heads: **RARE AUDI R8 V10 MANUAL - 16K MILES** If anyone is interested please let me know. Cheers, Robert
  9. For Sale - Vehicles
    Daytona Grey factory 6 speed with Black Napa Extended Leather and premium package! This car was specified by the original owner who spared no expense on options; however, favored the three pedal arrangement. I have owned several R8s. V8/V10, 6-speed, and R-Tronics. For a daily driver this...
  10. For Sale - Parts
    does anyone know what a gen 1 manunal transmission goes for with approx 25k miles?
  11. Blog
    So I'm finally getting ready to buy my dream car and wanted the opinion of the group. What is more important when shopping; low miles that might be R-Tronic, or getting a MT? I test drove a RT this week with only 15k miles ($66k) and it wasn't bad, but I've always wanted a manual. Just hard to...
1-11 of 11 Results