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  1. 2nd Generation Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I'm the new owner of a beautiful 2018 V10 Plus. Just purchased the car from an Audi dealership as CPO and I'm in love. A long time dream come true! Unfortunately I live in the salt-belt (Illinois) and have to garage my car for nearly 6 months of the year. I'd like to be able to...
  2. For Sale - Parts
    Up for sale, a set of OEM V10 Side blades in Daytona Gray, excellent condition. No swirl marks visible. Never wrapped or re-painted. Came off my Phantom Black Pearl 2010 V10. These look amazing with practically any body color. $700 + Shipping Local pickup in South Florida.
  3. Want To Buy - Vehicles
    In an ideal world, she will be a Black gated r8 with carbon fiber blade. I would like it to be as oem as possible, no mods, with a clean title. Located in Canada, but I assume I/we can figure out the cross border transaction. Thanks in advanced !!
  4. Want To Buy - Parts
    I bought my car with 20" HRE's but they currently have Cup 2 tires on them, which don't do well on wet roads. Looking for a set of OEM Gen 1 or Gen 2 OEM wheels to throw on during the winter. Wheels only or with tires that still have a decent amount of tread left. Any style is fine except for...
  5. Appearance / Body Modifications
    Hi all, is there anyone who can share their experience with the German Rush carbon fiber side blades for the Gen 1? Do they look/fit just like OEM or are there any differences/compromises? Is the quality just as good? Is it better to just put in the extra money to find the OEM? Any opinions...
  6. Want To Buy - Parts
    Looking for OEM mats preferably, for my 2009 R8. I’ve looked at weather tech but I’m not sure if those are the kind of mats I want in the r8. Would be nice to have the r8 logo on them. If anyone has any recommendations I’d be open to them as well! Thanks in advance, Adam
  7. For Sale - Parts
    Genuine RWS Spoiler/Wing for Gen 2 in Mythos Black no scratches still new. PM for details
1-7 of 7 Results