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  1. Maintenance and Service
    Does anybody know how to get this Lower Oil Pan off? The insides of the original thread for the oil drain plugs bolts were completed stripped and was shot with bunch of silicone (1/3 bolts were used wrong size). Therefore I decided to replace the lower oil pan completely. I got all (23 bolts)...
  2. Maintenance and Service
    First time changing oil on 2018 RWS V10. I have removed the covers underneath already. Have located 4 drain plugs. How many are there? Anyone had made a video on the 2nd generation to show the approproiate location? Help appreciated.
  3. Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone in the uk had any dealings with either or both dealerships in terms of servicing? Would you pick one over the other? I see many R8’s on show in watford but hardly any in MK, but I rang another audi branch who said MK have the R8 tech there. (I know some on here would rather go to a...
1-3 of 3 Results