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  1. 2009 Hydraulic Control Unit Repair

    Audi R8 & Site News
    Audi (Abu Dhabi) are telling me I cannot repair the 086398163B - CONTR.UNIT it has to be replaced and the Quoted 39,000 Dirhams ($11,000 ish). Does anyone know if they are repairable?
  2. Gearbox oil r tronic v10

    Maintenance and Service
    Looking to change gearbox oil myself on an 2010 Audi R8 v10 r tronic, any pointers on what oil to use and any tips in to doing it? Cheers
  3. R-Tronic Malfunction Car Won't Start?

    Hi Guys, Have an issue with my 2008 R8. Came up last night when driving Gear Box Malfunction for the R tronic so I pulled over as this has happened once or twice before and usually I can just turn the car off and back on an its fine. However this time I tried to start the car and it will not...