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  1. General Discussion
    Hey all, Hope you are doing well! I saw this forum and thought you would be the best people to ask for help in working out the production/chassis number of a R8 GT I've seen but stupidly forgotten to take note of at the time (I've only just started keeping track of what I've seen!) It is an...
  2. General Discussion
    I was very privileged to get access to these three amazing cars... The GT Spyder being my own and the manual being the original press car, as seen on Top Gear – among other places. The 2020 RWD being an Audi press car on loan to a fellow YouTuber... Who I was "helping" with his filming 😆 I was...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi folks, Just quickly introducing myself. I recently bought an R8 GT Spyder. Absolutely loving the car! I'll share more on it as time goes on and hope to dip into the expertise across this forum 😊 I started a YouTube channel last year and thought I would capture the collection experience... I...
1-3 of 3 Results