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  1. General Discussion
    Looking at an R8 right now, I want the V8 Spyder and there are about 5 for sale where I live in the UAE: Buy & sell any Audi R8 car online - 4 used cars for sale in UAE | price list | dubizzle I'd take a manual but they are almost impossible to find out here. The S-Tronic DSG style gearbox will...
  2. General Discussion
    I was very privileged to get access to these three amazing cars... The GT Spyder being my own and the manual being the original press car, as seen on Top Gear – among other places. The 2020 RWD being an Audi press car on loan to a fellow YouTuber... Who I was "helping" with his filming 😆 I was...
1-2 of 2 Results