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  1. General Discussion
    Was having issues on my 2008 Rtronic with the Gear malfunction light going off.. Long story short - everything has worked normally with the car in terms of shifts and driving, but just the annoying MIL warning. The only codes the dealer ( Audi Ft Myers ) shared with me that they were able to...
  2. Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone in the uk had any dealings with either or both dealerships in terms of servicing? Would you pick one over the other? I see many R8’s on show in watford but hardly any in MK, but I rang another audi branch who said MK have the R8 tech there. (I know some on here would rather go to a...
  3. Maintenance and Service
    So, rang up audi dealership to book in for servicing and thought haldex oil was a serviceable part, the person on the phone said this doesn't need changing as it is a sealed part for my year/model. Does this sound right? Or has anyone changed their haldex oil? Own a 2007 gen 1 R8 V8 MT. Also...
  4. Maintenance and Service
    Hey all, I recently ordered a 2014 R8 Manual and when it is delivered I'd love to find a reliable dealer that I can trust to work on the car. I'm located in Ottawa Canada, but would drive a few hours to make sure I find someone good. Any feedback would be amazing.
  5. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, New to this forum and to the world of Audi R8's. Been reading up quite a bit so good to finally get involved in the discussions. Next week I'll be collecting my new (used) car, an 2010 Audi R8 V10 Spyder. Its done 50,000km and has some service history, mainly with independent...
  6. Maintenance and Service
    Hi all, From the UK. Looking to buy my first r8 (mk1 version). saw one that i liked but it seems to have been serviced every 2k miles is this normal? (Is it a good or bad thing?) it shows a service history of 12k miles, then 24k, then 36k, then 38k, 39.5k, 40.5k, 42.2k miles. 2007 r8, v8 ...
1-6 of 6 Results