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  1. General Discussion
    Good evening! I am new here and will be migrating from the BMW group (partially) and the new weekend car will most likely be a R8. I have been exploring mainly the V8s because of how beautiful they sound and a gen 2 v10 is something I’d like to upgrade to one day so I don’t want to spoil the...
  2. Want To Buy - Vehicles
    Looking for a 2014/15 V10 Supercharged S-Tronic Coupe with under 30k miles. Prefer white exterior (will entertain other colors), carbon fiber options are a must, and diamond stitch interior is a plus. Tasteful mods (wing, wheels, exhaust, etc.) are welcomed. Located in Tennessee, would arrange...
  3. For Sale - Vehicles
    Testing waters here and am in no rush to sell my truly special sc r8 v8 manual. Faster, more reliable and lighter than the v10. I just dumped a lot of money into the car for an event in January. Looking to sell in the next 2 weeks or so, otherwise, I will keep it longer. Open to trades, but...
  4. Performance Modifications
    Audi R8 V8 Supercharger In-House Install in Anaheim, CA Factory Power: 430HP / 317TQ Supercharged: 620HP / 440TQ Price - $17,995.00 For detailed information, click here! Any Questions? Contact Us - Phone: 1.714.528.0066 Hours: 9-5:30pm Mon-Fri [email protected]
  5. Performance Modifications
    Anyone do this to their Gen 1 R-Tronic? Or know someone that did? Looking to see if R-Tronic transmission/single clutch can handle it, or if any upgrades are needed to things like axles, rear diff, etc. Thanks in advance for any help or insight!
  6. Performance Modifications
    2015+ R8 PORT FLASHING AVAILABLE NOW We can now port flash the new gen R8 at any of our dealers. We have software for the following applications: 540HP non plus V10/RWS From 540HP to 610HP 610HP V10 Plus From 610HP to 635HP Both softwares are available also with improved shifting response for...
1-6 of 6 Results