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  1. General Discussion
    100% track noob here, go easy please. Finally got to take my Gen1 R8 to COTA this past weekend with edge-addicts. What a phenomenal time. First track experience so I was in Intro class but was able to push the car pretty hard. Took prep very seriously had car looked over and actually drove...
  2. General Discussion
    There's really a lack of reference for R8 track guys to review or reference. I've found some sources but they're really lacking in information or participation. I know there's a lot of R8 track guys out there so let's give this a shot. I'm going to use formats that I've been seeing with BMW and...
  3. Picture / Media Posts
    Recently we visited Willow Springs to do some further development and testing on a few platforms we have been working on, including our R8! Enjoy some of the pictures and video from this past week!
  4. 2nd Generation Discussion
    Hello everyone! I was just making an account before I make the plunge into another car to ask a few questions. I have decided that I’ll be picking up an Audi R8 gen 2 but can’t decide on a few things Is there a good reason to stay away from a higher mileage v10 plus (say 30k) over a lower...
1-4 of 4 Results