Each wheel has some touched up nicks. No rash. One wheel has touched up tire mounting paint wear on the very outer lip. All of the touched up wear is difficult to see from normal viewing distance so I tried to highlight in closeups. TPMS batteries are all reading strong according to my TPMS programming tool. Original factory finish, have not been resprayed, unbent, or uncracked unlike many refurbished wheels on ebay. Ships from Sioux Falls SD for actual cost.

Wheel Automotive tire Hubcap Alloy wheel Tread

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Hubcap Tread

Tire Automotive tire Hood Wheel Automotive design

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hubcap Tread

Automotive tire Automotive design Synthetic rubber Automotive exterior Alloy wheel

Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hubcap Automotive design

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Synthetic rubber

Automotive tire Fender Vehicle door Rim Tints and shades

Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Wheel