Mileage:67379 M
I'm looking to sell my R8 after a little over a year of ownership as my daily driver. Unfortunately I'm moving to a new apartment without dedicated parking so having this nice R8 doesn't make as much sense for me anymore.

Since my ownership I've made a few changes / upgrades that I think the next owner would appreciate
  • Replaced mag rides with BC Racing Coilovers with Swift springs (installed at Burlingame Audi)
  • Upgraded the OEM nav system with the ACARNAVI android system that has been popular in this forum
  • Installed front and rear Blackvue dashcam with the parking monitoring system (OEM system also available)
  • New battery
  • Brake / Clutch flush
  • Proactively installed the front frame strut reinforcements at Audi approved center ($4k+ job)

Have a binder of the full service history through multiple owners (car originally was from US, then went to Canada and then I brought it back to US)

It is an extremely well optioned car with full leather interior, alcantara headliner, B&O sound, carbon interior, carbon blades, carbon engine bay. Options added include GiroDisc rotors and magic pads, OEM carbon wing mirror housings, PUR FL-04 wheels with Michelin PS4S, a German Rush GT style wing, and CarsDream thick steering wheel. PPF done on most of the car other than the very rear

I will say it is a high mileage car but has been well taken care of. The biggest blemish is my fault just two weeks ago I scraped part of the right rear panel against a parking pole (looks to just be surface level with some white plaster and part of it is on the PPF but I also posted detailed photos). Only other blemishes are a scratch above the drivers side door and two repaired cracks on the windshield (all existing prior to my ownership so don't know the stories there)

I'm posting some photos here but please message me with interested and I can send you a link to more details photos and service history

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