Mileage:49400 M
Up for sale is my 2010 Audi R8 in Sepang Blue, V10, gated manual with 49,500 miles on the clock.
Everything on this car functions as it should. The car is optioned with the enhanced leather package and a fairly new sports steering wheel. It has an Apple CarPlay/Android Auto radio that was plug and play. I do have the original radio that will go with the car. PPF on hood and bumper. The only other aftermarket item is a Topgear exhaust, which sounds incredible. Everything else is completely stock. The R8 comes with an extended third-party warranty from Century Warranty Services, which is honored at all Audi service centers. I will pay to transfer the warranty over to the buyer. The warranty was purchased at 44,210 miles on 09/08/2022 for 6 years/60K miles. Expiration is 09/08/2026 or 104,210 miles, whichever comes first. I have full documentation as well. This car is located in Birmingham, AL. Priced at $120K.

The following service work has been performed.
  • Service at 44,210 miles: Brake flush, cooling system and cleaning, power steering service, fuel injectors and throttle body cleaning, sparkplugs, and clutch, flywheel, and throw out bearing replaced.
  • Service at 45,170 miles: Replaced all four mag ride struts.
  • Service at 45,577 miles: Replaced rear brakes, including rotors.
  • Service at 45,749 miles: Oil change.
  • Service at 47,012 miles: Full AC replacement, Belt tensioner and rollers, serpentine belt, and alternator.
  • Service at 49,000 miles: Oil change and transmission flush, front brakes and rotors replaced.
  • Conversion at 49,000 miles: R-tronic to manual conversion with OEM parts.

The manual conversion was executed with great detail, including video documentation on my YouTube channel listed below; the car drives like it came that way from the factory. The gated manual v10 R8 is among the most engaging cars to drive, with the exhaust note and the metallic clinking of the gated shifter creating an audible symphony that nothing else on the road. So, if you are looking for an R8 V10 gated manual with all the service and warranty work completed, including the right color, this is the car for you at $120K

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