Mileage:77000 M
Be warned: This car is LOUD.

You may set off a car alarm or two just by driving by or doing a cold start- especially if you take it to a parking garage.

This Audi R8 is equipped with a 5.2 liter 10 Cylinder naturally aspirated engine which produced 525 horsepower (when stock) allowing it to reach ~200mph.

I have shown it off to many "car guys" with experience driving even more powerful cars and they estimate that the custom tune it has may put it closer to 600HP than the stock 525HP The car was already tuned when I bought it about 20,000 miles ago. In my entire ownership, the only issue I have ever had has been with the air conditioning but this was fixed in spring 2022 for around $900.

The crackle & pop tune that this particular R8 has will blow away any stock R8. I was once told by another R8 owner that his might as well be a honda civic compared to mine. This goes for both stock V8 and stock V10 R8 owners... but I promise you, if you buy a V8 and then hear even what the stock V10 sounds like (let alone this tuned V10) you will regret your decision.

This is one of the most beautiful specs including:
Factory "Daytona Pearl Grey" paint
Real carbon fiber side blades (paid option)
Comfort package w/ backup camera & distance sensors (paid option)
Illuminated R8 logo door sills (paid option)
Y spoke rims (the best-looking stock R8 rims)
Automatic Transmission

When I was shopping for my R8 I had a list of what I was looking for:
Must be V10
Must be a coupe
Must have carbon fiber sideblades
Must have Y spoke rims

I didn't even know illuminated door sills were a thing, but once you see them they're a must-have as well.
The same goes for the backup camera & sensors. I thought it was a stock feature, I don't know how anyone could live without it.

Modifications that I have made:
Aftermarket Bluetooth and aux audio via AMI 7/21
Wind deflectors 1/22
Grille upgraded to the current facelift (honeycomb-style) 2/22
Tracking device installed 2/22
Real carbon fiber engine vent covers 2/22
Real carbon fiber canards 3/22
"R8" Projection Puddle Lights 7/22

Everyone thinks this car is a brand new 2022 car when they see it and they are amazed when I tell them it's a 2012.

There are actually videos on youtube mathematically proving that the 2012-2015 Audi R8 is the best-looking generation. (for real)

The 2012 R8 V10 is definitely a future classic to hold onto as it will continue to increase in value over time- especially as Audi transitions to electric engines or phases out the R8 completely.

Possibly the best reason to look for a 2012 right now is that most banks will only finance vehicles up to 10 model years old. This car is now exactly 10 model years old. This means the 2012 model is currently the best intersection between value and ease of financing.

This R8 is my favorite of the 8 cars currently in my collection, but I am selling it to replace it with either a 570S or a Huracán. Many an owner has done the same and ended up coming crawling back to R8s, but for now, I want to experience some of the other vehicles in the R8's class.

I am not a dealer, but I am happy to assist you through the entire buying process from getting financing approval to getting it registered to getting it transported anywhere in the country if needed.

Feel free to message me with any questions/comments/offers