Mileage:36500 M
Spyder comes with a platinum warranty with fidelity bought from Audi. Expires in either roughly 20k miles or the end of Dec 2023.

Rear bumper heat damage behind the plate, cause cracking. This was due to a shop removing the heat shield while checking a custom exhaust and not replacing the rear shield for the bumper. I've since replaced the heat shield and removed the custom exhaust. It is straight piped now however, but it doesn't sound much different than stock unless you're heavy on the gas. Passes emissions just fine, and has never had an exhaust related code. The camera now comes on and off when it feels like it feels like it due to the heat damaging the wires on it when reversing. It's an easy install and can do it for you. Just don't use a reverse camera so never replaced it. Sensors work fine with no damage, and the taillights have no cracking etc or damage due to heat (Can happen, and does happen sadly on these cars).

You can find a video in the folder of it being driven.

Audi 2012 R8 Spyder - Google Drive folder with more images etc.

It's also missing the passenger side brake duct scoop (Can provide a set to the buyer), and any other issues outside of the rear bumper I'll be providing a replacement part to the buyer. I know how long it can take to get parts for the cars and I've already done the waiting. Just the imperfections don't really bother me so I just haven't replaced anything that wasn't actually impacting the vehicles reliability or performance. Also comes with a set of BMC F1 Performance Air Filters that I had on the car for under 50 miles, they threw a lean code and didn't want to mess with it so just installed new factory air filters back on.

The black on the window frame is just vinyl, and it needs to come off, just have kept it on to protect the metal finish.

It hardly gets driven, and I'm just getting fatter and older with a bad back. I'm open to offers as well. You can text me at 702 439 7903. Mike