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2012 V10 Oil Change Parts Info

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Hey everyone, planning on doing my oil change on my 2012 V10 within the next 2 weeks. I have the oil and filter ordered already. I was wondering if anyone has the correct part numbers for the replacement washers and drain plugs. Also the quantity of each needed. Thank you!
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Audi R8 > VAG ETKA Online >

Flags don't display correctly on my browser but looks like you are from the US, so this should be correct:

Audi R8 (2007 - 2012) - sealing flange. oil sump. crankcase. > VAG ETKA Online >

But click around and find the correct model, part numbers are listed below.
This video might help you a bit. Was useful for me at least.
I usually use mobil1 europe formula it is ok to use.
There are for sure five plugs to drain ..just take your time.
But first drain the 2 plugs right under the sump pump and then the rear flange
at the transmission connection.
Then do oil reservoir which holds oil when you fill it’s a larger bolt.
And then do oil cooler in front of left rear wheel.
Then with i believe 32 mm socket do oil filter.
The oil filter is a pain to pull out of the plastic piece
but take your time and u will get it.
Then place filter element back on top of engine make sure it falls into the correct little hole.
Also don’t forget to change o ring on plastic piece while you have it out.
Put plastic piece back on top of element and proceed to tighten.
Fill 7 quarts….start engine 30 seconds…stop engine wait 2 minute add 1.3 quarts…
good luck
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