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Hello Everybody

I am brand new to this forum. I will be buying my first Audi R8 in the next few weeks. It is a dream come true to be honest. I only had to wait 37 years...I am considering the Audi R8 V10 Plus, the 2013 model. Reason I chose 2013 model is a read a lot of reviews that said the R Tronic transmission was really it really that bad?

Also can anyone that owns the 2013 V10 Plus give me their impression of it. I am sure as it being my first R8 I will be very happy with it but i would just like some reviews from people currently owing one. It's one thing reading the professional reviews on the internet and another thing hearing from people that actually own one.

I currently drive a A45 AMG and the R8 will be a car I use on weekends and maybe once a week to work.

I will be really stretching my budget to afford this car but thought to go big right from the start...

Would appreciate any inputs.

Thanks and regards
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