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2018 Audi TT S seats in gen 1 R8

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Here is another option for those looking to change up their stock seats.
I found this set of TT S seats on the local classifieds and decided to give it a try, this is my 3rd set of seats in the last few months., i started with the stock seats, changed to a set of B8 S4 seats and now this.

So the B8 S4 seats are a direct bolt on except for the rear guide pin on the seat rail, it needs to be cut off other than that it's a straight swap, even the wiring plugs right in, all power options worked and i did not get any air bag lights or warnings on the dash.

The TT S seats bolt right in to the car without any mods to the rails, the wiring however is not as straight forward.
If you want to do this swap you will have to swap the Black and Yellow connectors from the old seat harness into the new seats , the wire color is the same so it's just a matter of swapping the connectors.
All the power options work including the heated seats, the only issue i am having is the passenger seat is not recognizing the passenger so the air bag light is on, i may look into swapping the sensor from the old seat to see what happens.

I really like the TT seats, they are very comfortable and i think they suit the car perfectly.


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Looks great!!!
They do look much better than the standard seats. Good work & thanks for passing on the information. 👍
Thanks, for anyone looking for a "Cheaper" alternative this seats are a great upgrade.

Also got a new Gen 2 steering wheel to complete the interior.
Will be ordering a harness and module from WELCOME – Ambrace your driving experience to make it all work, but according to them the harnesses are on back order for 5 weeks , but it's worth the wait for sure.
I installed the wheel just to see how it looks.

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If you ever part out these seats, I am interested !!
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