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So I just picked up my Spyder. Very happy. I think it is the first in the country as certification for spyders was only received for Audi a week or so ago.
Ara blue on black. Base model but fairly well equipped plus ceramic brakes.
Each persons preferences are their own so I will share my thoughts in case it is of interest to others.

I initially wasn’t that interested after I drove the coupe pre facelift a couple of times. Felt you had to drive it too aggressively(for realistically everyday driving) to really hear that engine. Again just my own feeling. I then later took out a spyder, in the rain top up but rear window down and that intoxicating engine filled the ****pit and I was sold.

The 2020 was delayed in production and I had an opportunity to get a crazy deal on a new NSX so I went ahead, and had the car for a year to decide if I would want to keep it or trade and proceed to the R8. For me totally the right decision.

Here are my quick comparison thoughts.

1- Looks - NSX still more of a super car look and wins. Constantly mistaken for Lambo. Mine was black on black. Love the ara blue however and I think the spyders look better then then R8 coupes.

2- Interior. No comparison. Audi feels higher quality and much more unique look. I wasn’t as put off by the standard Acura switch gear - but just not in the same league of overall quality and appearance as Audi

3-Engine and performance. The engine was the biggest disappointment on the NSX. Just a plain lump of sound if you didn’t have it dialed to Sport plus and then even with the electric to fill in the torque never felt that responsive. My previous car was a tuned 911 turbo and notably more powerful feeling and visceral then the nsx The R8 engine is truly a defining part of the car for me and I have no negatives for that. With sport exhaust it is outstanding sound. And I haven’t even broken past 5k revs yet.
The other quirk I didn’t like with the NSX was the lack of an individual mode. You either dialed it all up or dialed it all down our roads are garbage and I just don’t enjoy driving with the suspension tuned to stiff all the time. Big plus for R8

Ride-Audi still more compliant in comfort than similar in NSX - close but R8 is better.

Transmission- both excellent. 9speed in NSX- has some advantages on highway cruising otherwise more gears then you need. Responsiveness about the same. You couldn’t downshift to 1st gear in NSX unless a complete stop. Yes juvenile or not, I like to downshift to 1st every now and then when having to slow to 5-10 mph

Price- R8 a significant jump. $50k. Then again that is because a crazy deal on NSX.

Coupe vs Spyder - no comparison from my perspective - especially given it is a summer car for me.

Performance - Can’t tell yet. Haven’t broken in R8. But I can say that in these half throttle lower RPM stages where the R8 should feel notably weaker - it doesn’t at least by my memory.

Other -
Hybrid mode - once a month it was fun to drive the nsx in pure electric for ever so brief and around parking lot. But kind of
who cares as well. A novelty at best.
Trunk - No comparison - NsX feels twice as big or at least as practical.

I am sure there is more but delighted with my purchase decision. I had the chance to back out once the facelift finally made its debut - but I personally like the front much more than the previous and am indifferent on the rear. Thus happy with the new look - plus for a base I gained 20+ hp with the facelift. At least until warranty runs out and then maybe supercharger time........

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Congrats on the car, an Ara Blue beauty, for sure. ‘Possibly (among?) the first ‘20 R8 Spyder(s) even in North America.

Being in Canada you might find it notable that Audi’s North American debut of the 2020 R8 was in Toronto at the recent show, and although the display car wasn’t Ara Blue, a the Spyder was chosen rather than the Coupe.

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Congrats on the car!!! Sounds amazing.
The day before I bought the R8 i drove a 991.2 turbo S and a 19 NSX. Hated both of them.
The turbo S felt too relaxed and refined with crazy turbo lag and old guy throttle response. Once u floor it..1..2..3.. warp speed. Not for me. Sounds like a vacuum cleaner too.
I think your NSX assessment was spot on. Its a great car but at the end of the day the seating position was weird and interior looked like my 2014 MDX that i daily, lol
I was shocked.. The R8 experience blew me away. Felt like my friends 458 in sport mode and the mid engine dynamics coupled with 4wd sold me.
Going into the test drive I thought the turbo S would win hands down but I came from a heavily modded carrera T which was the exact opposite of the turbo. The R8 is an incredible machine and even tho its a couple seconds slower around a track when Randy Pobst drives them i cant wipe the smile off my face every time i get in. Only other cars that did that for me were either italian or manual gt porsches. Here we are...
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