Facelift gen 1 S-tronic v10 only, will ship at buyers expense.

  • If you have a stock exhaust and have been nervous about making the leap to a loud valved straight through exhaust, now is your chance to pick up the very hard to come by 2015 sport exhaust option.
  • The sport exhaust is light years ahead of the horrible stock exhaust while maintaining civilized volume levels. Don't spend the rest of your R8 ownership years completely missing out on the sound that completes the package.
  • If you're looking for exotic high pitch tone at high RPM, you will need to go with a louder aftermarket option. The sport exhaust is way more enjoyable than stock but does not add a higher pitch. I love high pitch and went aftermarket.
  • Cold starts will be loud (still quieter than aftermarket) due to the car forcing the valves open and running the engine in an abnormally loud mode. You can install an inexpensive remote valve controller if you want to start your car with the valves closed.
  • If you normally do basic work on cars and have a free Saturday, do not pay someone to install this for you. There is nothing difficult about this install, only time consuming.

Videos of this exhaust (this is the actual exhaust you'll receive, not someone else's car video)