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private message that i got from a newspaper writer- if anyone can help, either post up here or send me a pm and i will connect you with him. the request:

"Question is if you're a member do you use the 11-99 license plate bracket and if so, have you interacted with the CHP and what was his/her attitude? Were you cited? If not, do you think your 11-99 membership had anything to with it? How so? Did the CHP reference 11-99 during the stop?
I'm working a story on 11-99 for the (name of newspaper removed). Your participation would help a lot. If you have information to share I'd like to quote you by name, but if that makes you uncomfortable you may remain anonymous.
Thanks a lot. If you know any other 11-99 members and can refer them to me, I'd appreciate it very much."
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