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It might be a bit hard to find ... I doubt Tesco's or Sainsbury's will stock it ... I got my copy in a reasonably good sized "Martins" newsagent ...
Audi Driver Issue 11 Volume 10 November 2006​
... mainly because it had the R8 all over the front cover ... and yes, when you open up the pages ... there's a five page article on the R8 too ... :D

There's nothing really new regarding details, or prices, but they state that the V8 is pushing out 420PS ... and they state that the power to weight ratio is 3.71kg per PS ... on this basis the R8 should weigh 1,558kg ... which is exactly what the article says it weighs.

So ... have we finally got the correct figures for the power of the dry sumped V8 ... and weight of the R8 ... :confused:


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