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Hellow to evryone

I have an audi R8 first model, year 2008

My car has original bi-xenon light,
View attachment 123090

I would to make a headlight facelift with full led like the 2014 model:
View attachment 123082

I read many forum on the web and I have a big confusion in my head about what I have to do. The information I have retrieved on web are the following:
1) I have to buy the headlight
2) I know that for my model is necessary a control module and/or new ECU. What are this components? Where can I buy them?
3) Once I bought all the components, where I have to go for the installation? The audi original workshops have told me they can not install component "unauthorized" on my model, also if the components are genuine.
3) During the installation I read that is necessary a "rewiring" (what is mean in specific?) and maybe a re-programmation of the ECU (how can I do it??)

Are these information correct? forget something?

I need a preson who have already do all passages, and explain me in detail (photo, video, documentation) all passages, all components I need, all type of rewiring or reprogram ECU

I would be really very grateful

Thank you all
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