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Hi all,

As an official Brembo brake outlet in the UK, we now stock the Brembo brake disc upgrade for the R8.

The kit is for the front only and includes:-

- Brembo 380mm x 34mm two piece front disc, available drilled or slotted
- Brembo brake calliper carrier
- Brembo brake fluid
- Option of OEM new front pads or selection of Pagid pads

A couple of pictures of this kit recently installed to a B7 RS4:-

Some of the main benefits of this setup over stock are:-

- Larger surface area aids in dissipation of heat
- Slotted discs available for track biased use
- Disc material has high carbon cast iron construction to increase thermal capacity and offer better friction properties
- Curved vane venting that offers better cooling than stock discs
- Thicker disc wall allowing disc to act as more efficient heat sink

We offer this kit along with high performance Brembo brake fluid upgrade for £1699 INC VAT fitted.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me,

Kind regards,

Ed Jackson

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I am in the process of ordering these here in the US, and look forward to testing them out!
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