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I have a somewhat funky 2008 that I bought from a seller here last winter. The car has been great, and I've learned that I am all in on R8 ownership. However I am catching myself from making expensive mods (like excellent shocks or wheels) because deep down I know that I want a v10. So as I start getting serious about selling it, the modded upper rear bumper cover and gen 2 lights stand out as something that will make it harder to find a buyer. A year later I am still 50/50 on the modification myself. I like the sleek look of the lights but the handmade cover really needs to be shaved down to be less obtrusive. See above about realizing a really want to sell and buy a V10.

So, thoughts on selling as-is vs. buying a cover on e-bay and having it repainted to match, then buying a used pair of rear tail lights? Maybe sell the custom cover and gen 2 lights to someone looking for something different on their car? Are the upper covers the same across all Gen 1 years and motor variants? How about the tail lights? The car is not perfect, it's a 2008 with 47k miles, but I would like to make it is nice as possible before selling without investing more into it that I will not recoup. (If the market continues to tank maybe I just keep it and chance a super charger build on the motor)

Before (standard Gen 1 setup) and After for reference

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