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Buying an imported R8 with some issues?

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I put a used 2012 V10 R8 on hold at my local dealership (not audi) and was wondering what I should be looking for in regards to potential concerns? Currently, the A/C doesn't work, the gas cap lid is broken, and the struts for the engine cover are worn out. The dealership said they'll replace these but my car-fanatic buddy is saying to run because it's an import from Canada. I feel like the dealership isn't disclosing everything based on the vehicle history, but the Carfax isn't showing anything sketchy (other than 4 owners). This is my first experience with buying a supercar, so I feel like there are some red flags here. I think the other concern is that after putting money down to hold the vehicle, they switched the A/C repair from VW doing the repair to some small shop I'm unfamiliar with, so, another red flag to me. Should I be running?

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If there's any doubt, get a PPI by an independent shop. If they wont allow one, then run.
My car is Canadian and its been nearly perfect.
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If there's any doubt, get a PPI by an independent shop. If they wont allow one, then run.
My car is Canadian and its been nearly perfect.
I appreciate the reply! Thank you!
Ac going out is a known issue for these cars and several thousand dollars to fix. If they are installing a new condensor thats a plus over a currently working one as you get a new one. I dont see why an indy couldnt do that. Doesnt need to be dealer.

The mag rides are another known issue that should be checked. It needs to be checked for leaking or misting. They are expensive.

The rotors are supposed to be changed with pads, but most cheap out (i did) and Those should be checked.

Frame cracks are another issue but im not sure about 2012 year for that.

Sounds weird to have engine cover struts wore out. Never heard that one before.

Gas cap sounds like a non issue to fix.

I cant give advice on if you should run, but definitely get a really good ppi and id interview the person doing the ppi before i hires them to make sure they are familiar with the car. Some ppi's are just superficial and some are very good.
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First supercar buying experience should be a good one. I'd not buy it but that doesnt mean it's a bad car. History and ppi is very important.
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Where in Canada and what indy shop?
Where in Canada and what indy shop?
It was imported to the US from BC. I reside in Montana.
Multiple owners on a car like Camry/Corolla - that is an issue.

Multiple owners on a supercar - it's absolutely normal. A lot of people buy their first exotic car before they upgrade to a new one. R8 just tends to be the great first supercar for many.

Should you need new shocks - contact us! Shoot me an email and I'll be happy to send a quote for all four corners: [email protected]

Good luck with your new car purchase!
It was imported to the US from BC. I reside in Montana.
Oh its already in the US, so its a straight purchase (Just re-read your original post).
No real noticeable difference except for the MPH vs KPH, and some French written warning labels beside the English ones.
I appreciate the responses! Thank you!
PPI came back with the following:
Oil leak in engine ($150 diagnostic recommended)
Leaking strut with pair replacement recommended ($6300)
Velcroed gas cover ($150)
Engine cover struts not working ($150)
The tires are also mid-worn in the front, but the rear ones are like new. My takeaway is that the last owner did minimal maintenance for this vehicle.

I guess my concern is that since I put money down to hold the vehicle, it has gained about 400 miles on the odometer?

Not sure what the dealership will do, but that oil leak is more concerning than anything else.
I have a serious question for everybody. Why is it an issue if the car went through Canada first and then into the US? I’ve heard this affects its resale value in the United States. Some bullshit that exotic brokers and dealers never really fully explain.
The dealership is probably daily driving the car, which would not be a major concern for me. The engine leak seems like the real unknown here. You can get struts for cheaper re-furbished and it wont be 6,500. Engine struts don't sound too expensive. And it sounds like the gas cap is a non-issue.

I just have not heard a lot about leaking engine oil on this site. Some of the more mechanically inclined guys may have more advice for you on how serious that is.

These cars are well built with a few known issues which are struts, AC Condenser and that's about it. We hear about once a year of an engine blowing up but that seems like a very low probability. I would not personally buy the car before figuring out what the deal is with the engine leak.
See if they'll warranty the a/c repair and whether they'll fix the oil leak. My recent R8 purchase spent time in Canada and also had multiple owners - doesn't really bother me with a car like this. It was however delivered with an oil leak and the issue wasn't so much the cost to fix but that the part - oil cooler - was out of stock in North America for months.
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