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Capristo v8 exhaust fitted :)

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Hi all. I had my capristo x pipe fitted to my v8 a couple of weeks ago but been too busy to write a review so here goes. All I can say is wow. Sounds just like standard with the valves closed which is great for when I'm coming onto my estate home from work at about 4am at the weekends (I own pubs/bars). It's also great for when the police are near by :) obviously all the rest of the time I have it in the LOUD setting. What a sound it delivers. It now Sounds like a proper supercar. My favourite thing to do is to drive down a quiet narrow street in the town/city centre (espeically at night) and hear the exhaust warble and echo off the buildings. Obviously tunnels are a favouite too :) I have a lot of people I know say that they can hear me from the other side of town. Everyone looks at you when driving around town but in a really positive way. All I hear is "wow" and "that sounds amazing" when I drive past people. I've had so many people taking videos on their phones. Osman and Jude from OEM took great care of me from start to finish and I highly recommend them for any exhaust or parts for your r8. Very nice people. Same goes for Peter at auto tech in Telford who fitted the exhaust. Thanks guys. John
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Very cool John! Amazing how that "little" extra audible note adds to the driving experience.
Old thread but worth a shot! Do you know if it's possible to cold start the Capristo with the valves closed? If yes, is it similar enough to stock that I won't bother my (very) close neighbors with my 6 am startups?
with the valve controller, yes. it will start in whatever config it was shut down in.
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