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Need some thoughts here again: I was getting a fault code that the O2 sensor on Bank 1 Sensor 2 was bad, i replaced the sensor and still causing the issue, i discovered there was a break in the wire and i repaired the wire (i used the proper connector not soldering and heat shrink wrapped it)

I drive the car and everything is working fine, no engine light and can drive it for 25-30 miles everything is fine. I stop for starbucks coffee, jump in the car start it up and then the check engine light comes back on, i shut it off check the fault codes and the same codes come up again O2 Sensor (low) Bank 1 Sensor 2 with 0036 and a DTC error code. I clear the codes and drive the car everything is fine until i shut the car off and re-start a few minutes later and again the check engine light is on.

Also, on one occasion i had a fault code for Bank 2 Sensor 2 O2 sensor fault (low).

Additional information: i do have an aftermarket exhaust on the car and i do have the vacuum lines in the back for the exhaust closed off.

Any thoughts and assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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