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I took my V8 out on the Nurburgring this summer. Overall really enjoyed the experience. But two things need changing on the car before I take it back there:
2. Brakes. The steels got very hot and will be fading in no time. Carbon Ceramic is the way forward for sure. Especially if you are doing a lot of continuous driving and not getting off/ on the track
No disrespect but you don’t need much braking on the Nurburgring, people drive too fast into corners then haul the brakes on and over heat them, I’ve been guilty of that in the past too.
Plenty of people over heat brakes on the Nurburgring, these are the novices who haven’t learnt the track, it takes years to learn, I’m still learning and forgetting what I’ve learnt and re-learning.
I warped a front pair of discs on a 996 turbo in the past.
I’ve been driving the ring twice a year since 2000, Porsche’s aren’t great for me, doesn’t matter how fast they are they just don’t suit my driving style.
Buy a E92 M3, my M3 is competition pack car from new with lower stiffer suspension and laps the ring without much braking and doing a regular 8.30 lap.
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