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My car is a 2011 v-10 with just under 9000 miles. I recently decided to keep it for the long haul and use it more often. Toward that end I added the one mod that I wanted but would only do once this decision was reached. Specifically, I added a VF supercharger which yielded the additional performance that completed the car to my tastes.
About 100 miles after completion I got a flashing engine light and shut the car right down. Vag-Com indicated a misfire in cylinder #5. I cleared the code and it never returned. More recently, after another couple of hundred miles I got a flashing engine light, shut the car down and had it towed to my local tuner. They suspected plugs or coil packs. Plugs were eliminated once we confirmed that the VF provided plugs were correct and like new. Further diagnosis detected that a vacuum leak existed. The leak is from where the S/C mates with the plenum plate. My shop used the VF provided thin, rubber gasket strip.
Unable to eliminate the coil packs as a contributing issue and being this involved in the warranty repair it seems prudent to go ahead and replace the coil packs anyway. Not very expensive.
Suggestions and thoughts welcome- thanks in advance
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