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We have this car lovely BMW M4 in as a development platform for our new M4/M3 exhaust products, and I wanted to share the progress, as things are starting to shape up really nicely.

The customer dropped his car off a couple of months ago, and we have been sending updates to the owner as each step is completed.

The first thing we did was get the car up in the air to examine the design and construction of the factory system, so that we could see what was required and where we could make improvements.

We pulled the OEM system off and digitized the proprietary flanges so that we could CNC our own versions and begin building our system(s) back from those.

Once the flanges were complete, We began digitizing and 3D-modeling the center tubing sections of optimized flow and sound. After a few prototypes and testing, we've discovered that the best setup on these cars is to use two “x” sections, allowing the two sides of the exhaust to blend, which smoothed out the sound significantly.

We are currently working on developing and testing the rear muffler section with various valve configurations, but the results so far are quite promising! Sounds much better than any of the other systems we have heard on the market so far…

We are officially taking pre-orders on these systems, so you can contact me directly for more details. Also, stay posted as more updates are to come next week!

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