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Hi Guys,
finally i had the first opportunity to torture my R8 on the track.

After a few lap's ( had to get used to the almost rear wheel drive ) i started to feel the car.
The racetrack is the place where the R8 feels at home, even stronger cars, see the 997 Turbo incl over-boost, didn't get away on the straight line.

The car is pure fun.

I am sorry for the poore quality of the movie but I was lucky enough to had someone to film.

The mount system form the RS4 B7 didn't work as the rear window is higher then the windshield.

I have to get a new system.

Hope you enjoy the video anyway.

R8 Trackday Video Varano

2nd free download link

Regards from Lugano Switzerland


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Well done Mike!! Great video, good to see you mixing it up with the Porsches!

Tell me, how many continuous laps did you do per session? Did you experience any brake fade? How did the tyres hold up?
The average session time was about 20 to 25 min.

Yes I did have some brake fading, but only by overheating of the brake fluid.
I checked the disks, they look still like new not like on the RS4B7.
The cooling on the disc’s is much better as they get much more air and as they have a much better ventilation system.
I am sure to solve the problem by mounting stainless steel braided hoses and change the fluid to Castrol SRF Racing Brake Fluid.

I have to admit that I didn’t really suffer to much on the brake fading issue, because a big advantage of the R-tronic is that you easily can pump the brakes up with the left foot. Works more then fine.

No matter how I have ordered the hoses and the fluid.

On other tracks like Misano, Mugello or the Nordschleife, you have less hard brake points, like in Varano.

Best Mike
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